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Top 10 Ecommerce Mobile Product Page Essentials

The mobile product page is just as important as its desktop counterpart. Maybe even more important. And the necessity to create a usable and professional looking mobile product page will just keep getting more and more crucial as the portion of mobile visitors keeps growing along with demand for higher conversion rates.

There is, however, one issue that mobile product page designers have to cope with. While the desktop product pages have more than enough space to work with, the mobile versions have to cramp all necessary information into a very limited space provided by the screens of mobile devices. Check out some examples of website WordPress e-commerce themes for inspiration that are highly optimized for mobile conversions.

That’s why they have to think twice about every element of their product page and consider whether it really has to be there or not. However, there are some essential elements every mobile product page should have.

Tips and Tricks to optimize for mobile eCommerce:

1. Product name

I believe it’s quite clear that every product page should contain the product’s name. The name should be clear and ideally descriptive. The name itself can contain information about the product, such as its size, color or model name.

2. Product description

Sufficient product description is a must for every single product page, desktop, and mobile. However, a lengthy text can take up a big portion of valuable and limited space. That’s why it is a good idea to first serve your customers only the most important information as a part of a short product description.

That being said, be sure to include the longer and more complex product descriptions you serve your desktop users. Just put it further down the product page or make it expandable and display the whole thing only when the user wants it.

3. Price

Price is, of course, another necessary element of a mobile product page. Your customers must know what is the price of your products. Make it big and visible, so that it stands out. Your customers will look for it anyway, so you might as well make it easy to find.

It might also be a good idea to display available payment options, especially if they are really plentiful and might be used as a selling point.

4. Product pictures and videos

mobile ecommerce product page

mobile ecommerce product page

Nowadays, a product page cannot exist without product pictures. Okay, it can exist, but it will most likely not sell anything.

Keep in mind that it is not only about having a picture. Your product pictures should work well with other elements of the mobile product page to increase conversion rate and sell more.

How to do it?

  • Don’t include just one picture. Pick one that will be displayed first and add at least a couple of other pictures. These can display the product from different angles or in various use scenarios.
  • Have the pictures show the important details of the products. Not all of the pictures must display the entire product, you can also focus on the small details.
  • Make the pictures zoomable, if possible. People like to zoom and take a closer look at the products.

If possible, also include a product video. These can help you increase the conversion rate because a video can explain the prominent features of a product and help your customers make a buying decision.

5. Clear and visible CTA

Your customers should always know what to do when they are ready to make a decision. That is what calls to action (CTAs) are for.

Make them big, visible and colorful, so that they immediately capture your customer’s attention. Don’t word them vaguely and make it clear what will happen when your customers decide to tap them.

You can use AB testing to try out multiple versions to figure out which of them brings you the highest conversion rate possible.

6. Stock information

Do you have the product in stock or will it take longer to deliver? Your customers want to know.

Also, if you have a network of brick and mortar stores, your customers should be able to check the stock levels of a specific location to find out if they can buy it there.

Make it easy to check the stock and potentially reserve selected products for store collection. People don’t want to travel to a store just to find out you are out of stock. They want to be sure you have what they are looking for.

7. Product version selection

Do your products come in different sizes, colors or do they have different technical specifications? Let your visitors choose exactly the type they want. All of the versions should be easily accessible and the selection should be nice and simple.

8. Reviews

Reviews sell. People want to be satisfied with their products and they want to know whether other people who bought the product were pleased or not.

Make sure your mobile visitors can read the product reviews and even add a new one if they want.

9. Delivery and returns information

When can the product be delivered? How much will it cost? Share the important delivery information with your mobile visitors and be sure to list all of the available options.

Returns information is also very important, as people want their satisfaction guaranteed. Conforming delivery and returns information can be used as a strong selling point. Be sure to use them and gain an advantage over your competitors.

10. Contact information

Sometimes people want to talk to someone before making a buying decision. Be sure to include contact information so that people can reach you.

It is always a good idea to include a phone number on a mobile product page, as people can easily call you just by tapping it.

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viktor vincej 3


Author Bio: Viktor Vincej is the founder of WebCreate.Me, online marketer and traveler working remotely from different coworking spaces around the world.

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