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7 Christmas Gift Catalog Ideas To Boost Your Sales This Festive Season

‘Tis the season for good tidings, hopes for a new beginning and many reasons to be happy. ‘Tis also the season for giving and receiving gifts. There’s enough reason to believe that December is the time when people begin searching for gift catalogs- everyone wants to give out an assortment of things that people can use. Indeed, who doesn’t want to receive a pretty pre-packaged gift hamper with all of their favorite things?

Designing combos and catalogs for your business is an excellent way to encourage people to buy more gifts with ease. No one wants to spend Christmas Eve packing and sorting gifts. Instead, it is easier to buy in bulk online and have them shipped to the receiver’s location. Before you design a hamper or a catalog for your business, here are a few things to consider:

  • Will you be able to ship all the products in a catalog in time? Check your inventory levels for answers.
  • Can you set up a specific page on your web store just for gifting catalogs? Many web store solutions allow you to set up collections and theme your webpage accordingly.
  • Do you have packaging ready, both to ship products safely and to add the extra festive cheer to your hampers? If not, you can always source some. Ensure that your logo features prominently on the packaging.

Now, let’s discuss a few hampers you can design based on the product type you deal with.

7 Christmas Gift Catalog Ideas to boost sales:

Food And Wine

Do you sell food products and alcohol online? There’s no time quite like Christmas and NYE to sell hampers of these. Here are a few hamper ideas:

  • A sampling of wines
  • A selection of wine with nibbles and small eats
  • A do-it-yourself winemaking kit
  • Non-perishable food items and an accompaniment of liquor
  • A variety of jams and spreads
  • DIY cookie mixes, cake mixes, and hot chocolate

Before we move on to the strategy of selling these, a word on selecting the catalog itself. Pinterest is a mine of ideas for gifting, and the best way to find out what people are eyeing is to visit the site for ideas. Truffles, granola and baking kits are timeless and in-demand.

Since the festive season is a time of high-volume sales, it is an excellent opportunity to clear out your inventory and make way for new stock. Make the catalog slightly cheaper than the individual products put together. Also, remember to check the expiry dates on all stock before it goes out.

Bath And Body

While it seems counterintuitive that people would ask other people to take a bath this festive season, premium bath and body products make quite the splash as gift hampers. Here are a few options to consider:

  • A set of shower gel, lotion, and shampoo
  • Shower gels with a premium loofah
  • Scrubs and body care kits
  • Hair care kits with a shampoo, conditioner, and serum
  • Basic makeup kits
  • A free goodie with every hamper purchase (give out an aspirational goodie- something that will make people want the hamper as well)
  • Men’s grooming kits

Bath bombs seem to be quite the rage this holiday season. Holiday bath bombs in peppermint, cinnamon, and other holiday scents have a perfect chance of selling out fast. Add them to your hamper for a fun surprise.

Apparel And Accessories

Clothes and jewelry are often a more intimate gift than food. When people look at clothing as gifting options, they usually have a particular individual in mind. It helps to theme your Christmas gift catalog for apparel and accessories accordingly. Some of the ideas you can consider are:

  • Gifts based on a persona- you can group clothing and jewelry based on whether the receiver is fun, quirky, bubbly, regal, etc.
  • Sweaters and loungewear in a variety of holiday prints
  • Stuffed stockings. The stuffing can be lingerie or accessories
  • Premium jewelry sets with a free hamper
  • Men’s gift set with cufflinks, a handkerchief, and a tie
  • Kids nightwear and outerwear with seasonal prints

Keep in mind that apparel with Christmas prints and motifs is highly unlikely to go out again until next Christmas. Stock up accordingly and use last year’s sales data to determine the volume of sales you hope to see this year.


Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh stationery? We start every new year with grand hopes of using up all our notebooks, pens and punches. While it doesn’t always work out that way, it doesn’t prevent people from gifting each other stationery! There are several hamper ideas you can consider when it comes to stationery.

  • A 2018 planner and calendar combo
  • A festive planner with post-its for those expecting guests this season
  • Recipe books with a notebook to jot down ideas
  • Paints, colors, and canvas for artists
  • Stamps, crayons, and papers for young artists
  • Office stationery hampers for the new entrepreneur

While pens do make for a timeless gift, they are rarely put to use today. You can combine a classic ink pen with one of the hampers above for an extra-special touch, and offer this as a free surprise.

Home And Garden

There’s something about a festival that causes us to redecorate our homes. Make the most of this instinct with hampers designed exclusively for turning houses into homes.

  • A set of cushions with interchangeable covers
  • An essential oil kit with a diffuser and candles
  • An assortment of baubles and bits to hang on a Christmas tree- these hampers can be themed to suit different tastes
  • A set of planters for the garden
  • A mix of seeds that grow in January, along with the pots
  • Vessels and baking supplies for the kitchen
  • Bath mats, rugs, and a shower kit
  • Curtains, accents and fairy lights to decorate for Christmas

Go through your inventory to find products that sell well together. You can even make unique hampers based on what you know about your customers’ buying preferences.

Toys And Kids’ Collections

Kids naturally expect gifts this season. You can probably get away without gifting the adults, but kids? No way. As a retailer, remember that kids are getting gifts from all over the place, sometimes even two of the same. Curate your catalog such that the adults in their life have a good reason to buy from you- offer value.

  • Educational toys may not be a massive hit with kids, but they are with parents. A hamper with flash cards, storybooks, and color kits offers variety and keeps everyone happy.
  • Toys that focus on a specific skill can be grouped.
  • Toys and apparel can be combined, especially when they have the same theme.
  • Books and chocolates go well together

Consider the brand message that you stand for. Who is your target market and why do they buy from you? Group products together based on these consumer preferences and you’ll surely be a hit with adults and kids alike.

Gadgets And Gizmos

As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, we can’t help but want all of it! The best thing about devices is that there is something for everyone. A hamper in this category can either be specific to an individual or have gadgets for the whole family.

  • Experts have named the Nintendo Switch the gadget of the year. Combine it with a few games for more sales.
  • A hamper of lost and forgotten board games could be just what your customers need to turn nostalgia on.
  • Smart speakers, thermostats and lighting options with a compatible voice assistant.
  • If your customers want to splurge, combine air pods with the latest iOS device.
  • For those looking to gift themselves gadgets, options like a full HD television with a home theatre, a laptop with add-ons, etc. can seal the deal and make them buy from you.

Gadgets never go out of style, either as personal purchases or as gifting options. Curate your gadget catalogs based on past buying trends as well as current trends in the market.

Holidays are the time to offer your customer just that extra push to buy things they otherwise wouldn’t. So use compelling banners, detailed descriptions, and a friendly returns policy for your web store. Decorate it with festive themes and get the word out on social media about your festive hampers. Run a few paid ad campaigns. Sit back and watch as sales soar this season.

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