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Announcement: ParallelDots Has A Brand New Website

We’re excited to finally announce ParallelDots brand new website! 

From the initial brainstorming to the final launch, the whole process has been quite a journey; needless to say an exciting one. It was important for us to merge our vertical focused Image Recognition solutions for retail under the Karna AI brand name with ParallelDots. This development has helped us to bring our most popular and leading-edge products under one banner and further cements our position as a leading provider of cutting-edge machine learning solutions.

Why The Change?

For a while now, we had been operating with two different websites for two different products. While the ParallelDots website offered horizontal AI offerings catering to varying use-cases, the Karna AI website was dedicated to showcasing our image recognition solutions tailored to the retail industry.

With time and substantial market research, as our knowledge expanded, we evaluated and reached to the conclusion that the retail execution domain is where our interest lies with respect to increasing business.

With exceptional research and development team, we were able to pinpoint the loopholes and redundancies in the retail execution market and saw a great deal of potential in this domain.

Since then, we have come a long way and have successfully developed one of the best retail execution technologies in the market, known as ShelfWatch.

What will change for the existing Karna AI users?

Nothing at all! You can continue using our services as before.

Please contact us at in case of queries or questions.

What will change for the ParallelDots AI API users?

Free Account Holders

There will be no changes in your account or API that you are using.

You can find new the Text Analysis APIs page here.

You can log into your account here.

Paid Account Users

There will be no changes in your account or API that you are using.

You can log into your account here.

How can I create an account for using AI APIs?

Sign up by filling out this form to create your User Account for AI APIs.

What will change for the Excel add-in users?

There will be no change for the users using the Excel add-in plugin.

What will change for the SmartReader users?

We will be shutting down SmartReader on 31st March 2020.

Reason for the shutdown

We are narrowing our focus on a few popular products like our APIs and Excel plugins. Unfortunately, SmartReader did not get the same adoption as other products and we think its best to focus on winners!

Want to try ShelfWatch? Fill out this simple form to request a demo.


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A graduate from IIT Kharagpur, Ankit worked for Rio Tinto in Australia before moving back to India to start ParallelDots.

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