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How RetailGraph is Fundamentally Changing the Retail Store Experience

In a previous blog, you got a brief idea about solutions to common retail store challenges. Challenges that require proper treatment and that ensure your success. This blog will give you a deeper understanding of how retail businesses benefit from digital transformation. Apart from this, you will get an idea of how you can run your retail store with exciting growth. Here, we will connect your business needs to RetailGraph software and discuss its features in detail. It will give you an approach to open and manage a retail store.

Explore Solutions of the retail business challenges with RetailGraph

To get a better idea of what the future of retail will look like and what technology you can expect, you need to take the help of experts and best practices to follow. Along with this, you have to include such software solutions in your business that understand your business interruption and provides you the right solution.

  1. An effective purchase management strategy you need to know
  2. Organize your stocks with smart inventory management
  3. Attract more sales with the sales management feature
  4. Track orders with the right order management system
  5. Robust billing facility with GST invoicing to increase flexibility
  6. Ensures the success of your multiple retail outlets
  7. Facilitates better logistics management
  8. Provides distribution solutions to overcome challenges
  9. Get benefits of Point-of-sales provision
  10. Manage store data through advanced reporting technique
  11. Provide facility of a discount management system
  12. Facilitate barcode management for enhancing stock management
  13. Remove the hassle in arranging the cheque with Cheque Management
  14. Secure your business data with efficient backup functionality
  15. Manage your store operations with alerts & offer flexibility
  16. The software sets a credit limit to customers

Let us explore more about the features related to RetailGraph. And know what features should be included in your retail store solution.

An effective purchase management strategy you need to know

A strategic approach towards purchasing is an essential part of increasing the profitability of your store. RetailGraph implements procurement strategies to make cost-effective purchasing decisions. Also, it helps you connect with a skilled group of vendors who deliver quality products on time. RetailGraph provides a continuous assessment of purchases. It automates the joining process and optimizes the way retailers handle their purchases. It offers the following services for any size company –

  • Purchase Invoice
  • Service Invoices
  • Purchase Order Verification
  • Purchase Return
  • Purchase Debit Notes
  • Purchase Credit Notes
  • Calculate Sales Rate
  • Reset Sales Rate & more.

Organize your stocks with smart inventory management

Inventory management is the task of keeping track of shop items. It monitors the product weight, dimensions, amounts, location, and availability. RetailGraph has an efficient inventory management system that facilitates quick inventory updates to the staff so that they can better serve customers. This way, it facilitates maximum efficiency and minimum errors. You can easily manage your stocks through RetailGraph’s Masters Feature. In Masters, you can add your products by defining its category and also get convenience along with other features based on your needs. Here you get options-

  • Product
  • Product Category
  • Tax Category
  • Product attribute
  • Stock Location & more.

These features are enough to manage your inventory. Also, it helps you to view your product-wise and category-wise reports through the Reports section. This way, you can easily determine the level of inventory and make strategic decisions accordingly.

Attract more sales with the sales management feature

Customers always demand something exceptional. Their demand is made up of the ideal combination of perfect quality, smooth service, and low prices. As a business owner, you know that it is difficult to deliver all the services on one plate without the help of technology. RetailGraph provides seamless sales management features. It helps the organization achieve robust quality and inclusive customer service. This software focuses on providing the best features, which include the following services-

  • Sales Invoice
  • Service Invoices
  • Sales Order Verification
  • Sales Debit Notes
  • Sales Credit Notes
  • Convert Order to Invoice
  • Convert Challan to Invoice & more.

Also, the software deals with the billing process with minimal resources. It manages cash/credit management, monitors sales/purchase activities, monitors account, taxes, invoices/orders, item search, and generates reports at the store level.

Track orders with the right order management system

An integrated order management system allows retailers to manage orders across stores or store chains. RetailGraph provides its users with an intelligent platform that improves the operational efficiency of customer orders. It gives you a new way to manage all aspects of an Omnichannel business, such as-

  • Order processing
  • Customer service/CRM
  • Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting

This way, it ensures customer satisfaction through features like Sales & Purchase Order management. It is helpful in fraud investigation, inventory tracking, and centralized order management.

Robust billing facility with GST invoicing to increase flexibility and security

Retailgraph GST software benefits.

We all see that the retail market is also becoming more challenging than before due to global market competition. RetailGraph uses an easy and comprehensive GST invoicing and billing facility for retail stores. It uses a GST compliance point (POS) system that simplifies the way customers pay for their goods. It monitors your business and gives more importance to the growth of your business. While billing or making payments, it offers the following services to increase flexibility and security –

  • Payment
  • Payment Entry
  • Cheques Cleared
  • Pending Purchase Bills
  • Payables
  • GST Summary Data
  • GST Forms (For Offline Tool)
  • GST Forms (For GSTN)
  • GST Return (Karvy)
  • GST Query & more.

Ensures the success of your multiple retail outlets

Running any retail business is a challenge, and it requires more thought and effort to open new store chains and run it successfully. For this, you need Skilful Employees, optimize inventory, and standardize all your stores. The right software solution gives you a tool to manage your multiple stores. Even it provides more functionalities that tend your business to new heights. RetailGraph comes with a robust solution for multiple store concepts. It gets involved with many business operations easily and becomes manageable to all retail owners. These tasks include-

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Replenishment
  • Point of sale
  • Finance
  • Customer management
  • Employee management, & more

Facilitates better logistics management

Technology chains are changing processes completely and making logistics more refined and fast. Now, the logistics system is adopting a new approach to deal with the rising demand. It handles the complexity of the logistics processes. And, also maintains the business flow so that the right product reaches the customer within the specified time.

RetailGraph is an efficient solution provider for logistics based operations. It produces good final results with noticeable improvements in process, operations, and delivery. It facilitates several key activities of the supply chain that covers the development of the product to its final delivery. The functionality of RetailGraph logistics management software extends to such areas:

  • Processing customer requests
  • Sale Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Inventory management
  • Supplier management
  • Sales and distribution

Provides distribution solutions to overcome challenges

Distribution management software is mainly dealt with the manufacturing and distribution industry. The software helps a business person to manage everything from inventory to customer and supplier relationships. RetailGraph provides a one-stop solution to manage the distribution model of any retail business. It facilitates your easy functioning of maintaining the large stock units. Also, it streamlines payment records and measures performance to enhance overall business efficiency. This way, RetailGraph provides you the happiness of your end-users.

Get benefits of Point-of-sales provision

The concept behind Point of Sale is to simplify the process of selling or buying in retail. Also, the process is to make the transaction as fast as possible. RetailGraph offers the POS system benefits to its valued customers. Through the POS system, it enhances the customer experience by allowing retailers to know the availability of stock in a few seconds. Also, the power of the POS system, it allows you to track your inventories across multiple locations. With this, you can avail of the facility of generating complete and accurate sales reports. The reports generated mainly include-

Number of products sold
A bestselling product information
Profit margin and more.

Manage store data through advanced reporting technique

Analyzing your data correctly enables you to make well-informed business decisions. Thus, it is necessary to include reporting and analytics in the retail business to know exactly what’s going on in your business. RetailGraph provides reporting and analytics feature that adds valuable insights into your retail business. The software has a Reports section that mainly involved in providing the following reports-

Sales Reports
Purchase Reports
Transaction Status Reports
Accounts Reports
Inventory Reports
Profit Reportsbr> Customer Reports br> Daily Summary Reports and more.

These reports give you a quick visualization of store data. It analyzes the data collected from your inventory, store sales, eCommerce sales, marketplaces, and customers. And then, make you able to make better business plans.

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Provide facility of a discount management system

Whether you are running a single store or store chain, you need to incorporate some plans into the business to attract customers and increase sales. Discount management is a technique that applies various sales promotion techniques in the store to attract sales. RetailGraph draws an effective rebate management system for your business. It works on quantity discounts, seasonal discounts, cash discounts, and more as per the retailer’s requirements. RetailGraph has various promotional techniques (as per retailer’s requirement) with the following options-

  • Sales Promotion
  • Purchase Promotion
  • Coupons
  • Sales Discount Master
  • Purchase Discount Master

Facilitate barcode management for enhancing stock management and billing process

Barcode technology automates the store operations and improves operational efficiency. Barcodes help to link the purchasing system to the inventory and accounting systems. RetailGraph has an efficient barcode management system accurately record and retrieve information, quickly process orders, assist procurement processes, and generally improve inventory control. In the Tools section of the software, you can get the option Barcode Designer, where you can select a favorable barcode format and make your own barcode design for your retail store.

Eliminate the hassle in arranging the cheque with Cheque Management

Cashflow is an essential part of any business. Its right management ensures business accessibility into the market. RetailGraph has an efficient POS system that effectively manages the accounts related issues. RetailGraph provides a feature to manage payments from cheques efficiently. It alerts you about what date have you received the cheque, and when do you have to deposit it in the bank. Also, it facilitates the supplier to issue advance checks, advance checks received from customers, and adjustment of pending cheque on billing. This way, it gives you a hassle-free way to manage your store cheque payments.

Secure your relevant business data with efficient backup functionality

Data protection is an essential aspect of running a successful business. RetailGraph knows its effectiveness and comes with Data Backup and Log Backup options. It ensures retailers that their valuable information is secure from theft, damage, or the effects of a disaster. As per your requirements, you can take backup for your data or log files. This way, RetailGraph’s backup facility ensures no loss of data.

Manage your store operations with alerts and provide flexibility to organize them

To progress in the retail business, it is necessary to give some personalization to its valued customers. To do this, store owners are now taking advantage of alerts and personalization. RetailGraph has this feature that provides alerts or reminders to determine the business impact of reaching the next level. It provides greater engagement with end-users and enhances brand value. It sends alerts/reminders (via SMS and email) in case of overdue, confirmation, pending bill, arrears, and more. In this way, you can consider RetailGraph as your personal diary that reminds you of everything in time.

The software sets a credit limit to customers

A credit limit is an essential feature that lets you specify the maximum amount of credit to extend to your customers. In simple words, it is the maximum amount of credit that you are willing to grant a customer. If the credit limit is exceeded, a message is displayed to the user. RetailGraph gives a credit limit feature that helps retailers to make large purchases and increase the rewards. It provides you careful analysis and then establishing appropriate credit limits. This minimizes risk exposure and maximizes revenue and cash flow.

Wrapping Up

The modern economy is built on the foundation of the Industrial Revolution. It is based on scientific roots and concepts and creates overall economic growth. We at SWIL are efficiently delivering the technological retail revolution. We are a technology provider with multiple retail solutions enhancing the experience of retailers/wholesalers and customers. We have a skilled team that determines which technologies enhance operational efficiencies. And, what great technologies enhance the customer experience.

RetailGraph is our leading software product focused on operational efficiency. We follow the trend, highly personalizing business strategies and models to attract customers, and expand revenue. In this blog, each of the unique features that RetailGraph gives you and fits for every retail business. If you have more and queries about RetailGraph, please contact us or visit our website.

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