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Primaseller is now integrated with Amazon Australia!




We’re excited to announce that Primaseller is among the first few to offer an integration with Amazon Australia!

Merchants Down Under can now sell on eBay and Amazon locally as well as your website, retail stores and B2B channels in a single integrated platform.

Here’s what our Press Release had to say:

Amazon Globally and in Australia

Amazon in North America alone has over 1 Million sellers contributing to 50% of its annual turnover. With Amazon having launched its much-anticipated platform in Australia, eBay Australia is likely going to get some tough competition. Entrepreneurs and seasoned traders alike and have jumped to the opportunity to register on Amazon AU as marketplace sellers.

The Problem

However, this also comes with a challenge of managing inventory and demand across existing channels of sale like eBay, Brick & Mortar stores, B2B sales and their own branded website.

What Primaseller Solves

With Primaseller, merchants can now connect all these online channels using the cloud based plug-and-play software to synchronize their catalog along with available stock. All orders get downloaded into a single place to be fulfilled and shipped using integrated shippers.

Distributors can use the B2B portal to offer an ecommerce experience to retailers based on customized negotiated price lists. Brands can also use Primaseller to manage their retail stores billing and distribution orders so that a single dashboard will show them what’s happening across all channels of sale.

“We were seeing a lot of interest from our customers in Australia even before Amazon AU was launched. A multi-channel retail ecosystem needs a platform like Primaseller to scale. Inventory data accuracy is a critical need for online sales and Primaseller simplifies it to a massive extent for online sellers.”, said Vivek Subramanian, Co-founder and CTO, Primaseller.

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