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Things To Consider While Choosing A POS System For Your Retail Business

A good POS system provides a seamless checkout experience for the shopper as well as the retailer. A great, well-thought-out POS system provides that and more. A POS system that is almost intuitive puts itself in the retailer’s shoes, anticipates needs,  has built-in solutions, and eases life all around. These are just a few things to consider while choosing a POS system. To know more about the POS system, we recommend reading the Point of Sale guide.

6 Guidelines For Choosing A POS System

  1. Ease of operation

    A good POS system should be visual, logical, easy to understand and operate. It should feel like a natural, integral part of your logistics and operations. Training your staff to use it should not take up time and energy. It should take into account the various people that use it, such as:

    • The daily staff of brick-and-mortar stores who may work in shifts, allowing for a smooth transition between shifts
    • Additional staff, taken on during prime-time, high volume sale periods like Black Friday or Christmas
  2. Smooth integration with your existing system

    Migrating your business to a new POS as an upgrade should never be a hassle. You should have expert assistance at every step. A good POS system can be a superhighway for everyday movement between your brick-and-mortar setups, warehouses, marketplaces, retail partners and vendors.

    No matter what payment systems you use, the new system should quickly integrate with them so you don’t have to worry about this. This is especially important if your store is already functional since you don’t want to create new problems for customers.

  3. Complete integration with other sales channels

    A good POS system delivers the most bang for your buck. It provides compatibility across various devices such as PCs, tablets, and iPads. This compatibility with hand-held devices adds mobility to physical check-out points.

    For example, Primaseller enables you to use the camera to scan the barcode and use Square for payments. This feature could prove invaluable if you maintain a stall or showroom at off-site trade fairs, exhibitions or conventions.

  4. Streamlined ordering, billing and accounting processes

    Since Primaseller is an integrated POS and inventory management product, it offers several benefits such as

    • Maintaining one centralized inventory for SKUs at both brick-and-mortar and online channels of sale. 
    • Viewing inventory across multiple stores or merchant websites at a glance.
    • Updating inventory in real-time, minimizing the chances of an out-of-stock item being ordered. 
    • Generating automated purchase orders when you are running low. 
    • Manage multi-state or multi-city taxation differences by assigning the tax percentage at the point of entering an SKU in the system.
    • Generating an updated invoice indicating a returned product and updating inventory accordingly.
    • Accepting payments in any currency from online and offline sales channels across the world.
  5. Powerful data processing and reports

    When choosing a POS system, choose one that lets you have a bird’s eye view of your business at a single click. This way, you can view and analyze well-performing outlets and those that are not performing optimally. You can generate sales reports as well as trend analyses, allowing you to refine your stock purchases and buyer profiles.

    A good POS should also allow you to maintain a customer database, track your loyal customers, customize offers and track store credits on returns or exchange offers.

  6. Cloud-based POS

    When you are choosing a POS system and considering a cloud-based POS and an offline POS, always choose the could-based one. This way, you have access to your stored data from anywhere. Moreover, your data is also safer on a remote server. A cloud-based POS runs on a subscription fee model so there are no upfront setup costs.

Based on what products you will be selling in your outlet, Primaseller’s specific features and customization can help you be more efficient with order processing. While some systems are built to address these specific needs, the basic setup almost always remains the same.

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