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10 Ways Chatbots can transform your Real Estate business

Chatbots are lifesavers. Have you ever, “Think of a real estate chatbot as a chat based automated virtual assistant?” 

you will get to know “how chatbot works in Real estate business?” here in this article. 


The real estate business is progressing well online.

This is not surprising because with the boom of the internet, everything is made online.


As per the survey enlists that about 50% of home buyers look for lists on the web.

The Internet is the key master and simplified the search activity for customers. 


This is becoming more competitive for real estate companies.

They have to maintain their rankings with competitors both offline and online now.


Thanks to Chatbots in 2020, which is very helpful for real estate agents in focusing on business relationships.


Learn how Chatbots work in real estate business to achieve better productivity.


In 2016, big companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, launched their own bots and chatbot platforms. 

From then, Artificial intelligence applications started to boom, and many interesting bot concepts took place.


This new technology attracted many techies and everyone was urging to know about an “AI engine” to create a bot. 

AI infrastructure keeps improving at a rapid rate, it is sure that “AI is the game changer” for people who want to run their business more efficiently & enhance customer relationships.


The trick is to engage with your customers particularly beyond normal hours of operation & to answer for their queries that Chatbots can make it possible.


Chatbots got massive hits in industries such as healthcare , e-commerce, retail or hospitality in terms of ROI and customer engagement

Bots are truly helpful in the real estate world as well.

To both real estate agents and customers, Real estate Chatbots are real time assistants in saving time, money and additional resources.


The real reasons why chatbots in real estate guarantees success?


1. Bot and CRM integration


To see rapid growth in sales across, an effective CRM Strategy will be very helpful.

This strategy helps in automating and streamlining the sales process.

To enable more sales the CRM is beneficial in the utmost and AI is engaging customers to improve their satisfaction and increase their overall conversion rate.


2 . Real-time Enquiry


If a user visits your website for services you offer, but you’re not available to answer immediately to their queries.

There pops up chatbots to assist your user.


They will not be able to wait till human agent assistance in busy schedules

To seek important answers about your property this will be very effective.


3. Available 24×7


The real estate agents have meeting deadlines, shift timings in alternative shifts.

So it is not possible for them to be available all day. 


Your chatbots will be available 24/7 round the clock, 365 days a year to assist your customer queries. 

So your customers don’t have to wait till operating hours of your business.


4. User Specific


Every customer is different and their interest will also be different about apartment or property.


Chatbots in real estate provide what the customer exactly wants with a series of questions and by providing relevant information in a conversational manner. 

The traditional methods of collecting information through lengthy forms is not needed anymore and you can also be engaged with your user till the end.


5. Better Engagement


In early days physical forms were the only option to collect information about user’s interested products and their features.

But the truth is that most of the forms will not be scrutinized.


Then slowly online forms came out to assist in better ways, which proved to be the best option than physical copies. 

At the end of the day, they also need a lot of efforts from the customer’s side to fill out information.


Forms are not really conversational. when it comes to real estate interactive sessions are most important to get customers attention. 

Even by filling forms they just provide you the information about them and nothing else regarding their internet. 

Chatbots in real estate engage with customers in real-time basis by responding to their queries and they collect information about preferences.


6. Better Time Management


Time saving is the most challenging feature in every business.

Chatbots are helpful in saving your precious time. 


A real estate agent can spend their time fruitful with the ease of Chatbots by not wasting your time in unwanted queries.

It’s time saving for you and also to your sales team.


Chatbots interact with each potential lead in a personalized manner and collect every information in the database.

As a realtor, you can access the database and get to know information about the customer needs before contacting them. 

You get more opportunity to fix the deal this way without spending much time prospecting or answering FAQs.


7. Automate your follow-up process


As a realtor, you have many appointments with various sectors than being available for the customers in real time.

Chatbots are very beneficial to follow up on your leads via various modes. 


To their personal preferences you can contact them via email or text message for more information or by talking directly to the realtor.

All these things are the user’s choice.

A text message or an email will then be sent automatically (based on your stored information in the system) or it’s also possible to take over manually.


8. History of Interaction


To store up all the conversations you made with the customer is not a possible task.

Which involves so much time and paperwork. 


To make this task very easy, Chatbots helps you to record all the conversations till date.

Anytime you can access what the customer told you through the storage in your system.


The customer and bot interactions will be on point.

Now you can easily find out a particular type of property that belongs to a particular category (area wise, budget wise etc.). 

This involves so much risk work to stay up to date but Chatbot stores everything in one go.


9. Schedule Property Viewings


Customers will be interested in viewing the property as soon as they are fixed to buy.

In this case Chatbots assign home tours to the user.


This way introduces the client to the real estate agent.

At this stage, the agents or sales team can take over the meetings and schedule property visits.


10. 360 Degree Virtual Tours


If your Customer is out of station or lives abroad.

Then it is high time for you to fix up the meetings.


In such cases chatbots in real estate gives a quick virtual tour through the bot itself.

This gives them an idea of the property looks and then they can personally visit the site at their convenience.


Chatbots are more beneficial in real estate. Here is why?


  • Cross platform:

    Chatbots are supported in various online platforms or channels of your choice like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype.


  • Additional functionality:

    Chatbots also help you to find the customer location through their IP address and gives you an idea to help them by providing  the correct source to them.


  • Language no bar:

    Chatbots can communicate with your audience in their preferred languages and regional factors, this personalizes the customer’s experience.


  • Direct database entry & integration with CRM:

    Handling all the data becomes so much easier with bots. Chatbots in real estate collect every information and store them directly to the database or CRM, without any assistance.




At ZUAN TECHNOLOGIES, we work with leading developers and property aggregators in Real Estate and AI based chatbot solutions.

We assist our clients with a qualified sales team, we also address FAQs and customer support across the buy/sell/rent scenarios, at any level.


The widespread adoption and use of bots over the last two years took Real estate to the next level.

Artificial intelligence is truly beneficial in real estate, to support your sales and the process of customer service.


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