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5 Ways to use Push Notification to boost user engagement!

Push notifications is a valuable tool to raise awareness for your services and sales in e-commerce.

You should invest in the right type of push notifications that are designed well for your website.


Web push notifications are now an effective marketing channel for businesses. 

Since push notifications are delivered on a user’s browser, whereas one can’t miss any notification and they result in higher engagement. 


The key to boost user engagement and sales are as follows:


When you send push notifications correctly, then customers clicking on the notification become higher.

Types of Push Notifications




You can make your title very informative for the users. 


For example, when a user visits their cart, you can use the title, “Complete Your Purchase Now.”




To grab the attention you should create curiosity.


For example, “Make Sure You Shop the Last 1 Hour of Our Sale!” lets the user know that their time is limited to buy items on sale.

Users will not miss the offer and they tend to click your notification.


Based on Geo-Location:


Depending upon user location their interest can also differ.

If your e-commerce business is carried out across the globe, then you need to create multiple campaigns. 


For example, if you are a clothing retailer and it’s summer in one part of the world, but winter in another, you should give discounts based on their need.




When a new user subscribes to your push notifications, you can explain about your website and product.

People always look for the Trust Factor. 

Users will not buy from your website if they don’t trust you.

One of the ways to create trust is to keep them informed about your website.


For example, Share Trust Factors: Only 60% websites give trust badges and so make use of it.

By sharing trust factors with your customers, you are being transparent with your customers and it increases your sales.




The system notifications are used to highlight some important announcements.

These notifications are sent automatically based on the customer. 


For example, if a customer added product in their cart. You need to send notifications within 30 to 60 minutes.

Triggered push notifications reminds the user about this action and convince them to finish the purchase


Why Use Push Notifications?

Drives User Engagement:


 The mobile app push notifications triggers the user to open the app.

As a developer, you must use the push notification feature in a right way encouraging the user to purchase.


For example, if you are running a sale event which will be over in the next 2 hours, you should send a notification to alert your customers instantly.


Boosts Revenues of Inactive Users:


The users will install your app but very rarely they use it. A well-designed push notification can turn them into your regular customer.

 You can use a push notification strategy to provide customized offers, latest news, or even thoughtful reminders.


For example, if your push notification says “Get headphones free for your first order!” The user will click on the notification and purchase surely.


Boost Conversion Rates:


Researchers say, push notifications in mobile apps create attention by 3-10 times more than usual.


For example, if you have two different landing pages for conversion. In this case, you can test only for the specific page you want to search.


Helps Target Right Audience:


A mobile app push notification is an ideal feature for you to target your audience.

When your customers give you the location-access, you can customize the notifications as per individual.

It will assist you in reaching your target customer.


For example, you can segment subscribers, by grouping people based on similar interest or other rules. 


Track User Behavior:


This feature allows you to follow user behavior and examine them. The push notification function helps in the delivery of receipts, open times, open rates, etc.

After observing your user behavior, you can even launch campaigns to stay connected with them.

Thus this feature is one of the best in creating customer relationships.


For example, you can Share Reviews: customers will review your website and products.

Share with the customer using push notifications. 

Push Notification Strategies to follow:


When your subscribers are not active it is mere waste to send regular notifications.

So, timing is the essential factor for increasing customer engagement. 

Timing depends on the type of push notifications you send. 


For example, concentrate more on click-thru-rates (CTR).

Studies show that compared to push notifications sent to everyone by targeting the right customer you can see more sales.  


Regular Push Notification:


If you are sending a regular push notification about any product update you should target the most active user in your website. 

You can analyze your push notification data and find your most active user. 

Timing highly depends upon your target audience. If your target is students, then you should not send a notification to students during school hours because they will not see.

Students will browse your site only in their free time. 


For example, Send push notifications about various products and categories and keep your user engaged with notifications about your best selling product.


Push Notification Content:



Here you should mention more about the offer. Keep it simple and crisp. Ensure it is related to your title.



Always add images in your notifications. People in a hurry may not read text, but they will see an image.

An effective title, body text, and image in your push notifications will attract people to click on them.

A well written and targeted message will make your notifications wise. 


The 5 main factors that impact mainly are:


  • Segmentation: Helps you target your audience better
  • Timing:  Results in getting higher CTR
  • AB Testing: Helps to find the winning design and copy
  • Automatic process: To out to customers without missing
  • Push Notification Content: Right content leads to better connect with customers


Sending push notifications at the right time is the effective way for success in campaigning. 

Even a poor informative push notification that is sent at the right time has a higher chance of getting attention compared to a well structured notification that is sent in a bad time. 

If you use all these 5 factors, your push notifications will keep your audience engaged with your site. 

Make sure you do your campaigns in the most effective way with your audience. 

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