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5 Best Retail Podcasts to Follow to Stay on Top of Current Trends

Sometimes, we just need to say it- the retail landscape changes like sand dunes on a very windy afternoon.

Fair warnings and notices aren’t characteristics of the retail industry. So, the best thing a retailer can do is to stay tuned in to the news. This way, you get to explore possibilities even before they come to fruition.

Until a couple of years ago, omnichannel retail was a buzzword being adopted by industry experts. In our 2017 retail expert advice feature, we featured Bob Phibbs- The Retail Doctor talking about customer experience in an omnichannel context. He highlighted the need for putting the customer at the center of all retail interactions. Yet, two years later, even bigger companies like Neiman Marcus are having trouble sticking to this one tenet.

Bottom line- retail advice is hard enough to give in today’s times, but it is even harder to follow. For all the resources and content available on the internet, running a retail business is a time-consuming affair.

Podcasts come as a lifesaver because they are easy to consume and digest, and give you a chance to process information in a new way. Here are our recommendations for the five best retail podcasts to follow, in no particular order.

  1. Retail Nightmares

    Listen On Apple Podcasts Here

    The name of the podcast here is a dead giveaway. There are times, very often, when we don’t quite know why we stepped into retail at all! This is a podcast to help you sail through the dark days with a generous sense of humor.

    What we are a bit undecided about is the sheer length of each episode. While the actual flow of the content is great to keep you engaged, it may be hard to find those couple of hours in the first place. Our recommendation- one podcast for when you really just need to tune out.

    Key Takeaways:

        • Retail stories from here and there to stay on top of the game
        • There’s always someone worse off than you are!

    Episodes We Love- Episode 197 with Daniel Zomparelli, Episode 145- Abdul Aziz

  2. The eCommerce Fuel Podcast

    Listen On The eCommerce Fuel Website Here

    Sometimes, it can be hard to skim through the thousands of podcasts on eCommerce out there and choose one that always works. This podcast comes as close to being the perfect pick as it gets. The guests on the show are usually industry veterans and the discussions are full of ideas.

    The host Andrew Youderian is the driving force behind the eCommerce Fuel website and knows what pain points retailers usually deal with. He makes it a point to address these in each episode.

    Key Takeaways:

        • Ask for and listen to expert advice
        • Set the big retail goals and achieve them with smart thinking

    Episodes we love- Building a Buffet Style eCommerce Portfolio, Michael Dubin Of DollarShaveClub

  3. The Jason & Scot Show

    Listen On Apple Podcasts Here

    What do you get when you combine two knowledgeable, funny and smart retail experts with other industry experts? The Jason & Scot Show, of course! One reason we love this show is that it is so easy to fall into the habit of listening to it with new episodes every week. Routines are a key part of running successful businesses, and the predictability of this show’s timeline is something we absolutely love.

    Also, it helps that both hosts are so absolutely good in their domain. Jason Goldberg is the Retail Geek and Scot Wingo is the founder of Channel Advisor which provides e-commerce solutions to the likes of Dell and Samsung.

    Key Takeaways:

            • Staying current is the best way to succeed in retail
            • Experts from the industry are worth listening to, and their experience can teach you lessons you’d otherwise learn the hard way
            • It is possible to sell absolutely anything online today

    Episodes We Love- Amazon Alexa’s David Isbitski (for information on shopping with Alexa), B8ta founder and CEO Vibhu Norby (So much more relevant with Macy’s acquisition of Story)

  4. The Retail Doctor Podcast

    Listen On The Retail Doctor Website Here

    We love Bob Phibbs. We’re just going to say it. When it comes to dishing out retail advice, this one does not mince his words. There are some key tenets that make up this podcast- focus on consumer experience, new ideas and disruptive retail are just some of them.

    Also, the sheer number and variety of experts interviewed means that you can quickly identify the experts you want to follow from now on. You have everyone from CEOs of payment processing companies to new retail startup founders discussing their ideas on this show. We’re sure you’ll get some ideas of your own from this one.

    Key Takeaways:

            • There’s always something new happening in retail
            • Marketing and customer experience aren’t the same thing, but both help you sell

    Episodes We Love- Colby Williams, Parengo Coffee| Small Town Retail Rewards, Jennifer Grimm, CEO & Founder Lux Beauty | Math Doesn’t Lie

  5. Total Retail Talks

    Listen On Apple Podcasts Here

    This is the deep dive into retail that you’ve been looking for. The best thing about Total Retail Talks is that nearly all episodes are under fifteen minutes long, so you can get your weekly cuppa and be done with it. Because each episode looks at a case example, it is easy for you to draw parallels and follow through with the key lessons.

    That said, the podcast itself is relatively new. On the one hand, there’s not too much content up yet but on the other, it gives you a chance to catch up easily with the other episodes.

    Key Takeaways:

        • Retail lessons in short snippets
        • Influencers in retail know what they’re talking about

    Episodes We Love- Commitment to Hiring Veterans Leads to Nine Line Apparel’s Success, Touchscreens Bring Endless Aisle to California Closets’ Showrooms

Which of these retail podcasts have you already listened to? Which retail podcasts do you follow? Add to this list in the comments!

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