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8 Benefits Of Using An iPad (POS) Point Of Sale In Your Store

When you think of a POS system, a bulky system with a printer, scanner, and a monitor attached come to mind. Indeed, many cash tills today continue to stay traditional. However, why not change things up with an iPad POS ?

Yes, you can use an iPad as your Point Of Sale system by integrating it with Primaseller. No more investments in heavy, redundant machines. Amp up the glam quotient in your store and let customers check out fast and easy by setting up your iPad.

Here are eight benefits of using an iPad POS system:

  1. Efficient, Minimal Hardware With Maximum Savings

    An iPad POS is not half as expensive as you might have imagined. Surprised?

    Sept 2018-01

    Sept 2018-01

    Setting up a traditional POS involves spending on multiple components. You need to invest in a display unit, a barcode scanner, a receipt printer, a cash register, and a POS terminal. All of these increase your overall costs. An iPad POS, on the other hand, involves just an iPad and a POS software subscription which can lead to significantly lower costs. Isn’t that great?

    Once you’ve invested in an iPad, your costs could be as low as $59 a month with an end-to-end inventory management software like Primaseller.

  2. Integrated With Square- The Best Of Both Worlds

    Sept 2018-03 (1)

    Sept 2018-03 (1)

    Our Square integration ensures that you process your invoices and payments with ease. Plus, Primaseller’s inventory management is a strong application that helps you manage sales across channels and retail outlets with seamless efficiency.

    By using Primaseller’s iPad POS, you get the best of both worlds- ease of accepting payments and greater ease of managing inventory than you would achieve with Square alone.

  3. Flatter Learning Curve For Employees

    While those belonging to Gen Y pick up anything tech easily, it helps when the technology you use resonates with them more strongly. Adopting iPads in your store leads to better adaptability. It thus simplifies and speeds up the process of training employees because of the smooth user experience. It also prevents you from having to expend excessive energy and resources on training.

    Gone are the days of difficult applications and months of staff training. Today, you need to be ready to go from day one, and the best way to ensure staff compliance and comfort is to start with a device that most people know how to navigate.

  4. High Security

    Sept 2018-04

    Sept 2018-04

    Apple’s operating systems are known for being extremely secure and virtually immune to malware attacks. This is an incredibly crucial feature for preventing frauds and data breach in any setup. As a business, the last thing you need is corrupt data. It thus makes sense to move to Apple’s systems. That they can also double up as a POS is just another added benefit.

    Using an iPad POS instead of a traditional POS can ensure that data relating to your business remains safe. It also ensures that any confidential customer data you store in it stays protected, leading to happier customers.

  5. Enhanced Customer Service

    Imagine the sheer simplicity of processing an order from anywhere within the store. Add to this the possibility of a self-checkout. Now, think enhanced customer experience as Primaseller’s POS gathers data from past customers to show you who is making a repeat purchase. You can then suggest products to this customer based on their past and current preferences.

    End result- a customer who is empowered to choose their method of checkout, happy with the personalization and just cannot stop gushing about you!

  6. Fast Sales And Checkouts

    Sept 2018-05

    Sept 2018-05

    A general rule of thumb in retail is that the faster a checkout is, the lesser time there is to ponder. When people stand in queues for a long time, they have the option of contemplating their purchases, totaling the cost in their heads, etc. If the wait is too long, they may even leave. With an iPad POS, your checkout process is much faster and an invoice can be mailed to the customers.

    Not just that, processing payments also becomes significantly smoother. With Primaseller, you can even split payments with multiple payment modes and enable efficient refunds by giving customers store credits. And if you don’t have a Square card reader, you can still process payments manually.

  7. Reduced Wastage

    How many times have you handed customers receipts that you know are almost definitely going into the trash? With an iPad POS, this wastage can be prevented by emailing the customer a copy of his/her receipt. It also eliminates the need for a receipt printer.

    However, if you do need to offer a printed receipt, you can do that by connecting a receipt printer to the POS system and the iPad in a wireless manner.

    An iPad POS is also significantly more convenient for you as a retailer and for customers to source receipts while returning or exchanging products. Instead of scouring around for the printed receipt, you just need to open the record of the emailed receipt and process returns smoothly.

  8. A Statement- Maker!

    Let’s admit it- we all love the look and feel of an iPad, not to mention the very sophisticated vibes it gives off. Having an iPad POS in your store is a statement- that you are a modern retailer and that you understand this generation, very well.

    Minimalism is the name of the game today. An iPad on the counter that replaces bulky systems makes your store look very classy. A clean checkout counter is also a sign of an organized store.

    An iPad is, without a doubt, more sophisticated than a traditional POS. It is likely to impress potential customers, especially if you’re selling products that a savvy customer would go looking for.


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The Primaseller Advantage

Sept 2018-06

Sept 2018-06

Primaseller’s iPad POS is designed to be effortless. After all, that’s why you chose an iPad in the first place! This system allows you to

  • Accept payments via a Square integration
  • Scan products with just the camera
  • Email receipts to your customers
  • Track online customers who are now visiting the store, and make their visit memorable
  • Expand to as many stores and channels as you like without having to look for a different system

Read more about Primaseller’s iPad POS Software here.

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