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Growth Hacking of Best Grocery List Apps to Test Today

Since technology is rapidly booming in each sector, every business is adopting growth hacks and the online grocery business is no exception. Nowadays, people feel buying groceries in the market is a tiresome job and everyone wants an instant solution to tackle this issue.

That’s how on-demand grocery apps flourished in the market, but there is a huge competition prevailing in the online grocery business.

Most grocery retailers imagine that once creating and publishing an app their work is done.

Unfortunately, that’s not easy as it looks, there are so many growth hacking factors to consider while creating your online grocery App Store. 

As a result, having an extraordinary grocery app can instantly grow your grocery business in 2021. 

Hence, it is essential to invest your effort and money into the marketing of your online grocery list app.

In order to make sure you are saving money and do marketing that actually works in the marketplace. 

Ensure to follow these best growth hack techniques in your online grocery business as mentioned below.


1. Do App Store Optimization!

Do App Store Optimization!

ASO is an acronym for App Store Optimization. It is the most important factor in marketing that many grocery application development companies forget to implement. For instance, imagine you have to create an application that will help you in grocery delivery. 

You will instantly go to the app store and type “grocery delivery” in the search bar.

Therefore, you will find a list of grocery apps ranked according to their reviews, the average count of downloads, and how well they have optimized their Grocery list App Store.

ASO can be differentiated into two kinds such as textual and visual optimization.

In textual optimization, you must be focusing on the name, keywords, and description. Also, in visual optimization, everything depends on screenshots and the grocery application preview videos.


Textual optimization

You need to target the keywords that have high traffic and competition, for this you have to do keyword research.

There are so many tools available in the marketplace to do keyword research.

However, your goal is to get a combination of low difficulty and high traffic.

As the competition is high, you will have a lot of competitors in the grocery business, you have to compete in order to gain high traffic.

You can gain this traffic using a number of downloads and reviews.

The most important thing to consider while choosing your App Store name is keywords.

Your app name must have that optimized keyword. Moreover, the Apple store doesn’t allow more keyword stuffing in the tagline and the app name. But still, you can add keywords relevant to your business. 

For example, if your grocery app name is “Grocerymart” and your app does online order delivery then you can add keywords such as “delivery” and also “local” and “grocers” into your name.

In the App Store description, you need to focus on the first five lines (250 characters). Hence, only most of the users look into your app, before pressing more options. 

To make your users press that more option, you need to describe these first few lines better.

This will attract users to download your grocery list apps, and you can also include keywords here.


Some ASO Growth hacking Tactics 

  • The name of your online grocery store is a strong keyword. If possible make sure your store name has keywords that explain what you do.
  • There is something important, which is how many times your keywords appear in reviews and names. These keywords help your store to rank better.

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Visual optimization

When customers are browsing for the grocery list app stores, they probably look into screenshots. This, however, based on the fact that customers look into screenshots if they don’t want to read text descriptions.

Ensure to provide a short description in your screenshots, which helps your customers to understand easily. Create screenshots with descriptions (less than 5 lines) which gives reasons to download your grocery list app.

The most important point in visual app store optimization is the grocery application preview video. In the Application Store, the videos must be within 30 seconds and have all the in-app features. 

To make your grocery app successful, utilize your preview video, and show important functions of your app. When you upload that preview video in-app store, make sure you select the best app cover. 

This app covers will function like an additional screenshot that engages users to download your grocery app.


2. Show Your Customers How They Are Shopping

Show Your Customers How They Are Shopping

Motivate buyers to shop using social media platforms to collect reviews and testimonials for your grocery app. You can also drive customers to make more purchases by showcasing the actions of other users in your online grocery store.

Highlight using live interactions, which increases your business credibility. You can also show live notifications on app purchases and customer assistance that you provide for online buyers.

This acts as proof to show how successful and helpful your grocery business is. To start with, using tools is the easiest way which allows you to add live customer interactions notification on your online grocery store.

You can also integrate these tools with Google Analytics, to measure the ROI of customer interactions in your grocery store.

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3. Add Retargeting Ads

Like pop-up notifications, retargeting ads can help you to attract visitors who didn’t make purchases before leaving your online app. This is an important growth hack that works wonders by tracking your online store visitors.

Then display ads of your products on other platforms they visit to redirect that audience. Retargeting ads are a powerful tool because it highlights the products according to buyers interest.

By analyzing what your buyers want, you can drive your customers back for purchasing easily. You can start by creating retargeting ads for your online grocery store sign-up.

And launch your retargeting ads and finally keep track of these ad’s performance.


4. Set Up a Referral Program

Set Up a Referral Program

This is an older, but still, effective growth hacking tactics that help to promote your online grocery app.

The benefits of launching a referral program that rewards your customers for sending new business can be a double win.

  • You have contact information for connecting with new prospective customers.
  • Giving returning customers shopping rewards, like discounts, when they are referring encourages them to do additional purchases.

The simplest way to get started with this growth hacking tactic is by setting up an account on a referral program software.

This software can help you to process a custom referral program with no developer support.


5. A/B Test Your App Product Pages

Run A/B testing in your grocery app, which is one of the most popular growth hacks. With trial and error, you can identify what’s growing your grocery business and what’s drowning it.

As an eCommerce grocer, you need to A/B test your product pages because that’s where your sales will more likely happen. Experimenting with a few small improvements in the design, text, and images of your pages can also see improve your sales. 

Here are a few ideas to start your A/B testing:

  • The size of your product images
  • Include or exclude a trust badge
  • Indicate when your supply or stock is limited
  • The color of your “Add to Cart” and CTA buttons


6. Create Urgency to Add Fuel in Your Sales

In e-commerce, you don’t have a better option than creating urgency that encourages customers to buy. If you are able to create urgency based on customer interest, you can drive more sales.

The easiest way to take advantage of buyer needs is by creating a sense of urgency in your product pages. 

Make your customers feel that they don’t have to miss this best purchase and highlight your product page like: 

  • How much stock is left
  • The time left for a temporary store deal
  • The time left for temporary free shipping

These statements can create urgency, which makes buyers feel like missing a great shopping opportunity. As a result, the buyers will complete their purchases instantly.

A/B testing helps to determine the ideal ways to create urgency on your product pages.

Experimenting with different statements is also helpful to find which drives better conversions. You can use the experimentation tool, to set up and track your product page A/B tests.


7. Run Seasonal Campaigns

For e-commerce businesses, festivals like Christmas and New year are gold mines. Most of the buyers will make expensive purchases, so it’s ideal to run seasonal campaigns to encourage users. 

Make sure you take advantage of this incredible opportunity and promote your online business. While seasonal campaigns are structured like promotions, it has plenty of opportunities for your store to attract seasonal buyers. 

For example, you can attract buyers with festival-inspired packaging or you can add new products to your grocery app.

Once you are clear about your seasonal concept, it’s now time to launch and promote your business. Here are a few growth hacking tips to get started:

  • Set a timeline for your seasonal campaign. Prepare yourself for at least 5 weeks to coordinate the design, and launch your marketing campaign.
  • Promote your business with user-generated content.
  • Creating an Instagram hashtag and launching a UGC campaign helps to promote your grocery store better. For example, Starbucks had an Instagram hashtag #RedCupContest for promotions.

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8. Establish Trust Badges

As an online grocery seller, you can’t underestimate the value of gaining buyers’ trust. Your buyers don’t have access to meet you face-to-face, so these online methods help to establish credibility. 

You can make customers buy products comfortably by building trust using trust badges. You can show the software that secures your app, to make your buyers feel comfortable. 

This helps to send their payment details and other secure information without any fear.

You can add trust badges across your app, such as:

  • Website footer
  • Product pages
  • Checkout pages

You can use any A/B testing tool, to determine the placements that make trust badges to boost your sales.


9. Update Your Checkout Page

Update Your Checkout Page

According to research, 70% of buyers abandon their shopping carts without completing their purchases. Most customers abandon the cart at the checkout page, the key to drive more sales is to push customers along the checkout process.

An easy way to make customers complete their checkout process is by offering coupons at the checkout pages. With discounts, customers will complete the purchase process in order to save money.

Here are a few tips to create extraordinary coupons that drive sales:

  • Make special discounts accessible to all customers. You can use promotional emails, social media ads, and other tactics to reach shoppers.
  • The more discounts you can distribute, the more customers you’ll have on the final checkout page.
  • Assign discounts to every sale in your grocery store. Even if you have a general store, attach a coupon code to promote your business.

With coupons and discounts, you are rewarding your customers with low prices that help to complete order purchases.


10. Consider Conversational Commerce

Your online grocery store needs to communicate your business to customers. You can implement customer support, to communicate with your customers. This helps to build buyers’ confidence in your brand.

Conversational commerce means buyers and businesses connect via messaging apps. This key to easily communicate with your customers is using round-the-clock messaging tools.

It also helps your buyers to resolve any issues they experience with your grocery store. There are multiple conversational commerce tools in the marketplace. Many online grocery stores use these conversational marketing platforms.

Which allows customers to chat with your business by using chatbots over platforms like Facebook Messenger etc.

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Top Companies Growth hacking Examples in the real world

By implementing growth hacking tactics across your entire business, you can promote your business exponentially. As it can cover most of the business functions in any disciple and that’s how the name ‘growth hacking’ works. 

If you are looking for an example in growth hacking strategies, you actually have inspiration all around the world. 

Here are a few successful companies and their growth hacking tips as follows: 



Amazon’s e-commerce checkout process is one of the best examples. Their main aim is to drive sign-ups and use their paid Amazon Prime service.

Therefore, all their purchases included a page pop-up that offers the customers free next-day delivery if they sign up for Amazon Prime.



Dropbox is another perfect growth hacking business example. They used growth hacking strategies for implementing an automated referral program that operates on the following idea, the more number of friends you refer, the more free space you get.

This growth hacking strategy helped Dropbox to become a multi-billion dollar company with more than 14 million users.



Growth hacking strategies hold another giant company such as Airbnb. The Airbnb founders initially used Craigslist, a platform with millions of users, for marketing to customers who search for affordable accommodation. 

This growth hacking strategy helped Airbnb to skyrocket their business. Therefore, it becomes the number one affordable accommodation application that holds a net worth of about $38 billion.


Bottom Line 

Being a successful growth hacker doesn’t involve uniform or consistent strategies. The growth tactics that help one business may not work wonderfully for another business.

So you need to experiment with different methods to see which drives your better sales. The trick is to work constantly and not just aimlessly trying new growth hacking tactics when one strategy doesn’t work.

You can quickly scale your grocery business and increase your sales by following well-curated growth hacking tactics. Remember that having a grocery application is like managing your own business.

Marketing strategies and these best growth hacking tactics can help all your efforts to succeed. Our expert mobile app developers can create stunning grocery list apps for your business.

Contact the best mobile and website development company in Chennai, Zuan Technologies for further details. Invest in marketing in the right way and launch your grocery app successfully today.


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