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A Quick Guide to Growing Your E-commerce Business with Email Marketing

Marketing is not just about creating a buzz around a target community, but about keeping your brand buzzing in their hearts and minds. It requires continuous effort in building a customer base and sustaining them for revisits and repeat purchases. Different digital marketing strategies can bring you visitors, but converting from your email subscribers is among the effective one.

Why Are Email Subscribers Easier To Convert?

The moment when users proactively say yes to emails and promotions from your eCommerce website is known as part conversion. They are interested to buy something from your store sooner or later. You have to determine their triggers, approach them accordingly, and generate conversions. They are among the qualified leads that are either judging your products or services or waiting for a rebate and special offer.

How To Boost Sales And Revenue With Email Marketing

Email is an impressive medium to send a promotional message to your subscribers, like a sugar-coated pill so to speak. The subscribers knowingly receive your email messages so they are more likely to convert and re-shop rather than new users. It is an economical alternative to other digital marketing media where you have to spend thousands on advertisement campaigns.

In comparison to other promotional mediums, email marketing yields a higher return on investment. To help you effectively craft and run email marketing for your online store, here are some tips that guarantee results. 

Draft an Effective Plan

April 2-05

April 2-05

Email marketing starts with a comprehensive plan. A marketing campaign is useless if not backed by a working plan. Draft a plan keeping in mind your end goals. Moving in the right direction depends on the reason you move. Without a purpose, you may roam around different strategies or end up spamming as well. Ask yourself:

  • What do you want to achieve with email marketing?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How do you want the users to respond?
  • What is the projected success ratio?

Working with a plan is always beneficial in sticking to your purpose. It allows you to track your progress at any time during the campaign.

Highlight a Core Call to Action

April 2-03

April 2-03

A good Call To Action (CTA) is the backbone of any email copy. A business email requires readers to take an action and respond to the Call To Action button. Adding such an option is mandatory, but mentioning it again and again is bad. So, it is better to highlight the one core call to action explicitly and genuinely, rather than increasing clicking probability by adding it multiple times.

Email marketing is not necessarily carried to turn the followers into customers. The primary goal is creating a friendly relationship with subscribers and keeping them informed about the products or services they like to follow. If you try to overdo calls to action, the users may get irritated and unsubscribe.

Automate Sending The Emails

Sending an email to every user on your subscribers’ list requires a lot of struggle, time, and human resource. Why not automate the entire process and spend your valuable time on improving email outreach a bit further?

There is a prime time when users are most likely to read and respond to your emails. Your target audience may either be more active at night or in the wee hours till morning. The email marketing automation tools also empower you to select those specific hours and schedule sending out emails. You are no longer required to wake up early or stay up at night for timely email delivery. Tools like MailChimp and RightInbox do it all swiftly and strategically for you.

Automating email outreach to potential buyers it not confined to deals and discount offers only. You can utilize this strategy for reminding customers about their incomplete purchases as well. Cart abandonment is a common issue for most e-commerce websites. You may not know the reason why a user did not proceed with the checkout. But, by automating sending out an abandoned cart reminder email, one can easily retarget them and make them complete the purchases.

Personalize The Emails

Have you ever received an email that starts with the phrase ‘Dear Customers’? Is it attractive and pleasant to you? What if you receive the same email that begins with your name like ‘Dear John’? Surely, it is satisfying and more personal. Sending out emails with generic names and greetings is of no use.

Doing it manually is a whole lot of hustle. Take help from various applications like Campaign Monitor that help you personalize your emails by utilizing not only the first names of the subscribers but their shopping history and other data as well. Structuring an email message according to users’ specific needs yields more return. For example, suggesting relevant products that are either high in quality or used in combination with the one they bought in their last visit may grab their attention.

Use Plain Language

Online shopping is often associated to entertainment and leisure. Users are not here to grab knowledge about the technical attributes of your products or services. Describing product features with technical insights may not be as beneficial for them as you expect. In fact, your potential buyers may need an explanation of any jargon in plain language.

The selection of the language for email marketing is tricky as it has to be simple and easy. It requires you to consider the level of understanding of your target audience. For example, web hosting companies can continue interacting in a technical language with their affiliates and resellers. In the same manner, web development companies like ours mention high-tech words while addressing a community of developers and coders but keep the language simple for the general audience.

Go Mobile-Friendly

April 2-04

April 2-04

Mobile friendliness is one of the significant aspects of digital marketing. According to Email Monday, about 60% of the emails are opened on mobile devices. This makes it more important for the email marketing team to design a template that is mobile friendly.

The ease of portable devices and smartphones has made users read emails on the go. They can be reading your promotional or educational emails while commuting to their workplace, during a lunch break, or lying on the bed late at night. So, work on improving the email subject, font type and size, and template layout to appeal to the mobile reader.  

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The Bottomline

Email marketing is quite different than other promotional campaigns. It involves reaching out to the people who have shown interest in knowing more about your business, products, services, and offers. Sending promotional messages to personal inboxes is a violation of privacy, but here they give you the right to drop a message. Make the best use of this authority by drafting an effective plan along with an appealing layout.

Be sure to drop email messages when the subscribers are active and free to open and have a look at your email. To excel further in email marketing, have the advantage of automation tools that remind the users about their incomplete purchases or the wish lists they have created on your website. Add a personal touch to marketing email with simple and understanding phrases, and keep on finding other strategies to grow your eCommerce business.

There’s also some virtue in evaluating whether your email lists are actually useful customers. You can use one of these tools to verify the legitimacy of your emails on a list.

Asad Ali is a digital marketing expert having more than 7 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. He is currently working at GO-Gulf Dubai – a custom web development company where he is working on multiple SEO projects, conversion optimization and user experience. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

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