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How to Deck Up Your Online Store for Holiday Sales

There’s still time for the holiday wave to rise but for the e-commerce business owners, there’s not much time left to make their websites ‘holiday ready’ to ride the e-commerce holiday sales wave. So, is your business strategy all set to make your holidays merrier?

If not yet, you need to buckle up quick. Online shopping for holidays is more of a norm than a trend now and you just can’t afford to miss this great opportunity which comes just once in a year! If you are clueless about where to start with, we are here to help. So, let’s have a sneak peek into how you can deck up your online store for holiday sales.

chrishmas graphic-01

chrishmas graphic-01

Display a Visually Attractive Store

Yes, that’s a general rule but you need to put in extra efforts to make it visually attractive for the holidays. Reindeers moving on your screen or the snow falling won’t be a bad idea, just make sure you don’t go overboard and disrupt store navigation. Add graphics and images related to the holiday theme to enhance the overall appeal to your store. You can also consider tweaking your logo a bit to sync with the theme. Color coding is another thing which you can give a try.

Not doing so will result in your store look ridiculously boring. You may or may not, but your competitors are sure to use themes on the store.

Give Your Theme a Twist

You can take up a particular theme and go for a theme oriented look and sales on that particular day. For example, a few days before Halloween, you can offer discounts on Halloween gifts and costumes. Also, you can have an online competition and ask your customers to get creative by designing personalized Halloween themed items. Needless to say, you can have prizes for the declared winner. This is sure to attract a lot of traffic on your store.

Moreover, it will also help in promoting your store. The word for such online competitions spread quickly via social platforms and calls in a lot of participants to your store who can turn out to be prospective future customers. So, you get dual benefits out of it.

ecommerce holiday sales

ecommerce holiday sales

Categorize Products into Christmas Gifting Section

Just adding a Christmas gifting section to your store isn’t enough. In fact, it’s a very much exploited concept and leaves the customers scrolling through hundreds of products. Solution? Categorize your products into different segments.

This can be done by categorizing your gift items into sections like ‘gifts for him’, ‘gifts for mother’, etc. Alternatively, you can also base the segment on the nature and type of gifts like electronics, accessories, apparels, etc. The ultimate aim is to make it shopping an easier affair on part of the customer.

Provide Personalized Gifting Options

Offering the latest introduced products in the market is surely a tried and tested method of increasing sales during the holiday season. We all know personalized gifting is totally the trend now. If you are yet to introduce a custom product section to your store, now would be a great time to broaden your horizons.

Moreover, you can do this without putting in a lot of efforts. Whatever investments you incur to offer the final product will also be credited back in no time, given the holiday season brings additional sales with it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an efficient web to print software and start counting the cash!

Create Holiday Hampers

The holiday season is basically the gifting season if we have to name it something from the business point of view. People and businesses buy bulk products solely for gifting purposes. And it is not possible to select individual gifts for everyone. It includes your clients from the business world buying gifts for their employees and associates.

So, to cater to their requirements, curate different varieties of holiday hampers which can be gifted to friends, family, and business associates. Make sure that you highlight it on your home page; the aroma of the chocolates in the hamper isn’t going to attract your customers online, sadly.

ecommerce holiday sales discount

ecommerce holiday sales discount

Holiday Discounts

Yes, it’s the time to make profits but that doesn’t mean you have to sell expensive products. In fact, you can make much more profit by narrowing the margins you save on your products. As you sell more products by providing discounts, not only do you recover the margin, but the total revenues also boost up. You can also provide flash sales to attract customers for their holiday shopping from your store.

Offer Gift Cards

This is for your customers who forgot someone at the last time and decide to get a gift card for them. Not only that, people are now increasingly preferring gift cards to ensure that they aren’t just fulfilling the formality by gifting an irrelevant gift to someone. And hence, it serves multiple purposes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be offering them. They also work as promotions of your store, so you got it there too! Though take a special interest in designing your gift card for the festive season and give catchy names to them.

Above mentioned are some of the ways to ensure that your business does not miss on the festive fun, too. Offering products & offers is somehow easy to some point, but you need to take care of some extra things as well, which include:

  • Re-stock your inventory to avoid last minute rush. The most popular items of your store should be prioritized and sourced back as soon as the quantity starts depleting.
  • Promote your festive offers on different platforms like social media platforms, blogs, whatsapp messages, other bulk messages, etc.
  • Double check that your store is optimized for mobile devices. It can also be a great time to launch your Android/iOS shopping application.
  • Prepare your logistics for the holiday season. Next Day or Same Day delivery is always cherry on top to boost the experience of your buyers.

Once all this is done, and tada! You are ready for some serious cash coming in this festive season. Happy selling, fellas!

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