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New Features: Store Credits, On-Account Payments And More

Logo change-01

Logo change-01

April 2018 was not just about a new logo, but about new aspirations and a new approach to how we help you do business. In line with this thought process, Primaseller now has features that you’ve been asking for, plus a few minor updates that make the retail management experience much more seamless.

  • Store Credits: You can now issue credits to customers who have returned an order/ orders, and let them use these credits on their next purchase from you. That’s one more step towards building loyalty for your brand. Read more about how store credits work on


  • On-Account Payments: Here’s a feature made for smoother transactions on all POS and B2B orders. On-account payments allow your customers to settle multiple bills at the end of each purchase cycle as decided mutually between you and your customers. Know more about enabling and settling these payments on Primaseller.
  • Adjusting Incorrect Inventory: For POS orders, you can now adjust the stock quantities for items that have been incorrectly inventoried, and thus show up as being out of stock.
  • Customize In-Store Experience: You can now add notes to each customer’s profile on your POS channel to identify those who visit your store often and make the experience more personalized for them.

Coming In May

By the end of this month, you can expect to see these features on Primaseller:

  • You will be able add items automatically from the master catalog to the POS and B2B catalogs, saving you time and updating inventory on these channels in one go.
  • Shipping labels will be much cleaner and accurate, as we’re working to make them print over just the right amount of space.
  • Currently, exchanges are processed much like a return and repurchase, in that vendors need to close the existing order as a return and create a new order for the replacement. However, we are working on a feature that helps you integrate the two orders into one process flow.

What do you think of these features and their usability? Do share your feedback with us so we continue to bring many more intuitive features to Primaseller.

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