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Keep Your Business on Track with RetailGraph Features

Running a small, medium, or large business can be an expensive endeavor. To overcome risks, almost all startups and retail business owners look for solutions that strengthen their business decisions. Also, they want their system to carefully review all the critical decisions that your team wants to make for business growth. Thus, it becomes essential for you to know what kind of software to invest in for your business, which manages all your business operations. These operations are mainly involved in finance and accounting, customer relationship management, and information security.

But here a question arises that how will you know the software chosen for your business is that it is what you want for your business? If you buy software with fewer features, it will not be worthwhile concerning money and future business aspects. And if you get the software with too many features, and you are not able to use them all, then it will not even be worth the money you invested.

To facilitate balanced software services for your retail, wholesale, and distribution business, I am introducing RetailGraph Software. The software comes with engaging and customized features that cover all the essential operations of any business. With its robustness, it has remained in the market for the past decade.

Here, I am giving you some brief idea about RetailGraph. Also, I am going to highlight the features that RetailGraph software offers to your business. Read this blog to learn more about RetailGraph features. It gives you an idea of software relevancy that you expect when searching for the software stack for your retail business.

What do you mean by RetailGraph?

RetailGraph is an easy-to-use retail management software solution for all sizes of businesses. RetailGraph is the best software product that responds to the current retail business and prepares your business for future challenges. It enhances customer experience and manages daily retail management processes, including tracking sales, inventory, or employees. Its customer-driven features empower your customer with real-time insights to respond faster in a constantly changing world.

Why should a business owner opt for RetailGraph for their business?

Whether you run a small business, large enterprise, or chains, there are always several activities. Depending on the type of industry, some tasks are repetitive and dependent on associated with other activities. In this way, it becomes a challenge to handle many things at once. A business management software like RetailGraph helps you automate tasks and build your business to stay on top.

The software is capable of handling operations, predicting risks, and improving overall efficiency. It provides a POS platform, CRM platform, and robust billing system for your retail processes. It enhances store experience functions for customers and employees, takes care of product sales management data, and gives operational insights for inventory and financial management.

With all these useful features, you can consider RetailGraph for your business.

Let’s take a brief on the key features of RetailGraph software

A feature that attracts sales

An effective sales operation brings enormous opportunity into the business. This can easily be achieved when your system has an effective strategy, best practices for handling business operations, and techniques for hacking success. RetailGraph provides all this in a streamlined manner. It deeply focuses on a billing system that is the core of any retail software system. RetailGraph is a robust billing system with GST invoicing and filing procedures. It makes the billing process easy and convenient. Other software attraction that attracts sales into the business is-

  • Invoice creation
  • cash/credit management
  • Sales/purchase activity monitoring
  • Evaluate accounts, taxes
  • Reports generation & more
A feature that attracts purchase

Purchase management is an essential feature to maintain stock levels throughout the business. It becomes more necessary when you have to manage your multi-location warehouse. RetailGraph provides business owners with a system to replenish stock with correct tracking of goods.

Also, it automates other purchase management processes. And optimizes the way retailers handle their purchases. In this way, it reduces the complexity of purchases by facilitating purchase orders, returns, invoices, substitutions, debit notes, credit notes, etc.

Feature related to the printing of bills and barcodes

To stay in competition in the market, a retail business needs to opt for all possible trends in the business. Bill printing and barcode printing is one of them. RetailGraph offers its valuable users a facility to bill printing and barcode printing. It can help you to prepare bills in the required business format. This way, it becomes easy to find the required items from the large inventory easily.

Feature to ease the billing process

Maintaining a large inventory and serving a large number of customers at the same time is a tedious process. You cannot provide a good user experience to your customers without the right billing system. RetailGraph has a robust billing system that speeds up the billing process and contributes to the success of the retail shop. The RetailGraph smartly handles the customers’ order and get them delivered with easy the billing process.

Point of Sales provision

RetailGraph has a POS feature. The point of sale feature streamlines retail operations by automating the transaction process and tracking essential sales data. It gives users to evaluate their sales/purchases more efficiently. It provides easy checkouts and helps the billing process to get faster. In this way, it eliminates human error, increases efficiency, and reduces any kind of loss in sales.

Feature to manage inventory

Inventory Management is an important thing to be considered in the retail business. It is the process that works around the practices to manage, store, and sell products. It ensures that businesses have the right stock, at the right levels, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. RetailGraphs has an effective inventory management feature that works effectively and matches the customer’s demands. It is capable enough to provide quick inventory updates. In this way, it leads to faster order fulfillment.

A feature that provides Barcode Management

The barcode assigns a unique identity to an item. In retail trade, it enhances the way retailers manage their products and processes. RetailGraph facilitates barcode management, a unique way for retailers to track items. It improves customer satisfaction, helps with large inventory tracking, reduces inventory costs, and provides real-time product information with accurate accounting.

Feature for Order Management

Order Management has become the new retail paradigm. It works on business efficiency and customer satisfaction. RetailGraph’s order management system helps businesses optimize their order. It saves time, money, and manpower. Also, it proffers complete visibility in the entire supply chain. In this way, it is helpful in fraud investigation, inventory tracking, and centralized order management.

Feature to enhance flexibility in the software

RetailGraph facilitates a user-friendly and flexible working environment for its users. The software allows users to provide better convenience to their customers and ease the process from purchasing to billing, and delivery. In this way, retailers have a lower cost, more agility to gain more agility and innovation in the business. Also, it provides a personalized customer experience across all channels.

Feature for Margins & Losses

RetailGraphs software has a facility for margin and loss management. The software knows the business goal and helps the retailer to achieve the ultimate business benefit. It has facilitated retailers a margin and loss tools that help businesses in any losses and determine business success.

Feature for Discount System

Discount management is one of the most common methods to increase retail sales. It is only effective if you conduct your sales properly, otherwise, you will damage your brand and its reputation. RetailGraph offers a discount management system to its customers, which is well-designed to drive sales. Through POS, it obtains accurate information along with their buying pattern, and offer discounts to attract them.

Feature for Credit Limits

The credit limit is the amount of the loan given by the customer to the seller, which is only renewed after the bill has been paid. RetailGraph offers basic credit limits as well as provides advanced provision. With this facility, you can set a limit based on the maximum amount, maximum bill, and maximum days. If the last credit limit is exceeded, the system will not allow the limit to be exceeded.

Backups Facility feature

Data protection is more important for retail business because the retail business has a large set of stocks and their billing information. These details help the retailers to forecast future demands and sales. RetailGraph has a backup facility. In this way, using data properly, retailers improve sales and service in the future. It prevents trade with unauthorized access within the company or outside the company with efficient security measurements.

Feature for Advanced Reporting

RetailGraph has a robust reporting section, where you get all the business transactions, sales, and purchase reports in just one click. It is paramount in maintaining accounting reports in various formats like XML, XLS, CSV, etc. in a single click. Along with accounting, it also provides reports on sales, purchases, customer, and stocks. It sets the minimum/maximum level of store stocks. Also, with sales reports, you can analyze your sales and requirements.

Feature related to Reminders & Personal Organizer

RetailGraph has many advanced tools that give the user a personalized experience. It sends alerts/reminders (via SMS and email) in case of overdue, confirmation, pending bills, outstanding, and more. You can consider the RetailGraph as your personal diary that reminds you everything on time.

The Bottom Line

The above discussion on RetailGraph features gives you an idea of what RetailGraph software does. And what it can do for your business to increase sales and market reach. Retailgraph developers also provide customization facilities for their customers. And they are bound to give their best to match customers’ requirements with the software. If you want to improve your customer’s shopping experience and increase efficiency by automating the sales process, contact us. We will help you realize your idea.

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