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12 Nuts To Build Best Online Grocery For Your Next Venture

Want to start an online grocery store? If you are dreaming of starting your own online store irrespective of the size of your business. This article can help beginners who want to set up a small business or already existing business online.

Keep reading to know how to start your new venture successfully! Online businesses are termed as e-commerce, and it’s easy to start from scratch successful.

You must have basic knowledge about your business and partner with the best e-commerce solution provider to create the best online grocery store for your businesses. 

  • Accenture reports the eCommerce industry will rise by 13.5% more revenue at the end of 2021. This means out of every 7 dollars spent on retail consumption, the online store owner will get 1 dollar. 


What is an online grocery store? 

An online platform that helps grocers to sell their products, and allows customers to place orders using mobile phones is known as an online grocery store.

Even small to medium size grocery businesses that are not able to generate a decent rate of sales, can benefit from using online businesses.

As most of the B2C eCommerce businesses including online grocery have registered vendors and the only difference is that their services are based on time and locations.

You can enter your location or else it will detect via GPS automatically.

The nearest vendor is allotted to fulfill consumer’s demands with a short possible duration.

As customers don’t have to rely on other stores for any specific product or brand.

Which can help you to offer everything for your customers and engage them to place an order instantly.

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Why Online Stores Are Great For Grocery Businesses?

As digital and online presence is important for grocery businesses, and it offers impeccable benefits for grocery store owners.

Here are multiple reasons that prove digital presence is important for a grocery business today.


Customers Are Shifting To  Buy Online More

Nowadays, customers prefer online shopping more than visiting in-store and it’s an evolving trend that is adapted by millennials today. 

The major impacts of the pandemic are the reason for the sudden booming in e-commerce businesses, as a large number of customers have started to purchase grocery products in online grocery stores. 

Now “buying online” is very simple and convenient for both grocers as well as customers.

However, customers don’t have to wait in long queues to buy groceries and get products delivered at their doorstep with just a few clicks on their smartphone devices.


Promoting Is Made Easy Online

Promoting Is Made Easy Online

You can promote and market your online grocery store easier than traditional business strategies. 

However, the main aim of grocery stores is to attract neighborhood shoppers which helps you to gain more potential customers in a short time. 

Digital marketing is the key to promote your business using location-based targeting strategies that allows you to create a strong online presence. 


Online Store Can Uplift Your Brand Image 

With your online grocery store, it’s easy to communicate with your customers more effectively, send messages or notifications to engage them in your store. 

Ensure to make your brand unique by sending the required amount of notification with proper business listings. 

The importance of unique branding is exceptional in attracting customers into new ventures.

So, make sure to strongly build your uniqueness across online grocery store websites and apps, to stand ahead of the crowd.

Now you will be curious to know how to build the best online grocery store, here are the top 12 Nuts you should keep in mind while setting up your next online grocery venture!

1. Choose an Ideal Platform

Choose an Ideal Platform

The first step in setting up an online store is to choose the most appropriate platform for your business.

Ensure to pick a robust, multi-faceted, and most flexible platform that will satisfy your store as well as works best for future expansions. 

However, the grocery store needs consistent updates as there will be massive changes in the provisions of the products. 

In such cases, grocery store owners don’t have to spend a huge amount on new inventory, as they can adapt major updates in their existing multi-faceted online grocery store.


2. Decide Your Distribution Area 

The area of distribution includes the locations your online store will be catering its delivery, as it depends on various factors such as demographics, consumer preferences, and your competitors.

Your operating areas can include nearby places or an entire city based on your preferences.

Moreover, it’s the best option to target specific locations as it will get instant attention and you can also provide services fast.

As grocery business deals with perishable goods, it’s important to provide a minimum delivery-time module, according to your budget. 

However, if you are small to medium business owner, try to operate in specific areas initially and later expand it to broader localities.

Which helps grocery business owners to boost their revenue consistently.


3. Fix Your Delivery Module

Fix Your Delivery Module

Ensure to build a strong on delivery premises, as it helps to maintain your delivery process on time and reduce additional expenses. 

You can optimize your employees, travel allowances, routes, and timings of delivery, which will help you to provide better solutions to your customers. 

By mapping routes for delivery employees, you can avoid risks and assign the routes to customers easily.

Also, it helps to track your employees for maintaining productivity.

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4. Create an Affiliate Supply Network

Before advertising or marketing your products, it’s essential to partner with local vendors as it will help you to gain more profits. 

Make sure to create your affiliate network, as these wholesale grocers will provide necessary groceries in time for the supply chain.

There are two types of Affiliate models available in the marketplace such as, “just in time model” which collects the order from the retail vendor and delivers it to the customer.

For example, Walmart uses various types of models, and one among such is the “just in time model”. 

And the other is, “inventory model” which collects products from manufacturers and delivers them to customers directly.

For example, BigBasket uses an inventory model. 

For a successful affiliate supply chain, you need to have a robust grocer network to maximize your sales, customer satisfaction, and minimize delivery time. 


5. Identify Your Unique Selling Point

For any successful online grocery store, it’s a  must to have their unique selling point to stay ahead of competitors and meet customer expectations. 

Ensure to set your online grocery store apart from other stores online, which will improve your sales and gain more potential customers.

Just have the basic ideas and later expand as per your needs.

For example, you can offer user-friendly interfaces to customers like discounts and gift coupons. 

Also, you can include free delivery options, referral points, and exclusive deals for new customers as well as existing customers.

All these unique selling points will improve your brand loyalty and build customer’s interest in your products that support business growth. 


6. Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising is the backbone of the online store, make sure to implement a strong marketing strategy.

You can analyze your growth rate and build your own marketing and advertising agendas. 

You can reach your potential customers by creating the best marketing strategies for your online grocery store. 

There are multiple social media platforms that help businesses to promote their brand and reach a wide audience successfully.

However, you can hire an e-commerce marketing solution provider who can help you from the end to end process and provides you with an extraordinary online grocery store. 


7. Incorporate Multiple Payment Systems

Incorporate Multiple Payment Systems

As online e-commerce businesses will not have fixed physical locations for payments, make sure to provide multiple payment options for your customers. 

You can incorporate multiple payment models like Credit/Debit cards, COD (Cash on Delivery), and other online payments. 

Which helps customers to choose their convenient payment options and place the order successfully. 

Also, it’s important to provide secured and authorized payment options, for this you can implement stringent security methods or data encryption modes.

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8. Expand Your Potential Markets 

Even if you are a beginner, planning to venture into the online grocery business, it’s an ideal option to be prepared for store expansions in the future. 

This system includes potential marketplace and important areas you have to concentrate on, affiliation, delivery systems, etc. 

As a beginner, you don’t have to plan for long years, just make sure to be prepared for 2-3 years which helps to achieve your business goals. 

You can also keep upgrading these plans at regular intervals according to changes when your store goes live in the market.


9. Integrate Social Media Links 

In your online store, you can link various social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as it helps customers to order using social media accounts. 

This helps online store owners to provide a hassle-free, quick, and smooth shopping experience for online shoppers.


10. Mobile Store Optimization

Mobile Store Optimization

As per the reports, 57% of the millennial population shop groceries in online grocery stores via their mobile phones. 

This proves that mobile optimization is important for all types of online businesses.

Many website platforms offer varieties of e-commerce business themes that are responsible for smartphones. 

Make sure to create a responsive and mobile-optimized site for your business, if it lacks then restructure it.

However, instead of setting your online store with a default feature, optimize for mobile devices, rearrange sidebars and displays of your products that improve better navigation.


11. Add Great Visuals & Description 

Great visuals can reach more customers effectively than written information and it’s an excellent way to communicate with your customer. 

Make use of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables images like BigBasket for better visuals and promoting your business in an excellent way.

You can also add a product menu in your online store with real images, which boosts your conversion rate. 

Extraordinary visuals can create customer interest in your brand and ensure they place orders on your website safely.

E-commerce grocery stores neglect adding content or product descriptions, but it’s essential to add descriptions for products list, alt-tags for images, image descriptions, and do keyword research. 


12. Create an Excellent Brand Building

Online grocery stores offer plenty of opportunities for business owners over traditional mortar-and-brick stores. 

The only difference between online and offline stores is, customers will lack a personal touch while shopping online. 

For handling this scenario, online grocery stores need to create brand awareness for attracting their consumers.

This will also improve customer loyalty and help businesses to retain customers. 

Your online store must be able to provide easy accessibility, clean layout, and timely delivery to reach your customer’s needs successfully.

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The Benefits Of An Online Grocery Store


For the customers

The customers can enjoy many numbers of benefits using online grocery shopping as mentioned below.

  • First, online grocery stores can help in saving time by visiting the grocery store for particular products and delivering the items they want to shop on time. Customers don’t have to stand in long queues for payment options, as they can pay using QR codes for all the items. The process of online grocery shopping will take place like this, Select –› Add to cart –› Pay. And that’s it. This is how customers shop their weekly or monthly shopping.


  • Second, online grocery shopping can help customers to save money. Customers can save some money on each product and they get discounts for every item from MRP in general. For example, You can find the difference in the pricing of an online grocery store named BigBasket over the normal retail stores.


  • Third, customers can enjoy doorstep delivery within a short time possible. As customers get a whole list of online shopping items, at their doorsteps. An online grocery store is basically a hyperlocal concept and delivers products to customers within 24 hours. The customer can also track their order activity of the delivery man, with the help of specific topography.


  • Fourth, customers can choose the brands and products as per their needs and the online store is the place where you can find all the brands together. Customers can search for any products using a search bar and they get a wide range of options to choose from from the store. Online grocery shopping is convenient and preferred by customers who shop organic products too.


  • Fifth, there will be multiple payment options in online shopping and helps customers to pay easily using it. However, most of the customers choose digital payment methods these days, as it is convenient and hassle-free. Therefore, some online grocery stores offer different kinds of digital payment options for their customers.


  • Sixth, online grocery stores offer discounts and coupons for both new as well as existing customers, which is extremely beneficial for them. Most of the customers agree that it helps them to save more money while shopping for groceries online than bargaining with the physical grocers directly. Finally, every customer will get personalized offers, especially one who shops regularly at your store. As stores will reward them with points for shopping or some money in digital wallets as a token of appreciation.

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For Vendors

Vendors have their own benefits using online grocery stores as follows. 

  • When they need to list their shop and products on the online grocery stores, they find it more often.
  • Their revenue increases after they register their grocery stores.
  • If their products are worthy and up to the quality mark, they will get an income hike.
  • They also get a wide channel for growing their business.
  • Their income hike gives good capital backup for their business further.


For the Admin

  • By providing the facilities of online grocery shopping, the admin can saves time and money.
  • Which itself helps Admin to gain the benefits from a hike in revenue.
  • The admin can decide on the percentage of commission that vendors have to pay for them.
  • He will get monthly payments from vendors and a certain amount of commission out of the vendor’s profit.
  • There are also the product listing charges and the delivery service charges.
  • This means that a certain amount of the admin’s income is secured and consistent.


Zuan Website and Mobile App Development Services

While starting a grocery eCommerce store, make sure to spend more time planning. Your business goals should meet customer’s expectations in your company. 

Our experienced and expert website/mobile app developers can create an outstanding online store solution for you.

A good website and mobile app development company could help you to achieve your business goals.

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Bottom Line 

Setting up an online grocery store is very easy. All you need to know is what exactly you expect from it.

By choosing the appropriate software solution provider for your store, you have almost achieved maximum success. 

Grocery business deals with adding products with respect to demand and availability. It’s essential for businesses to keep this in mind while setting up the store. 

Once you are done with the basic setup. Then you can introduce memberships, subscriptions, and discounts, to develop your store further!

If you want to start an online grocery store, you can consider these factors mentioned above. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Talk to our best in class website/ mobile application developers to build the best online grocery store successful. We offer the best solutions at flexible budgets that don’t dig much out your pockets. 

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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