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New Features: Options To Manage Your Data Better

Our new feature releases in June 2018 are aimed at helping you manage your existing data on Primaseller better. What’s more, with these new add-ons, moving or migrating to Primaseller from your existing software platform is easier than ever! Here’s what we’ve come up with:

  • Bulk Supplier Data Management: You can now upload and download your supplier data in bulk from Primaseller by visiting Purchases>>Suppliers. For retailers with many suppliers, this is a distinct benefit as you can upload all supplier data in one go, and download it likewise whenever you need to clean the database up.
  • Download More: Previously, there was no facility to download purchase orders and receipts. However, we understand that this might be a bother for those retailers looking to use a different accounting software, or needing these receipts for review. This is why we have now enabled the option to download all your purchase orders as well as receipts.
  • Service Items In POS Orders: Some of you have come back to us with feedback that it would be helpful to be able to create POS orders with just the service items such as shipping fees. We have now enabled this feature for all POS order. From now on, you do not need to add a product to a POS order invoice before you include the service items.
  • Sending SKUs to QuickBooks Online: Previously, Primaseller always sent out the composite SKU to the accounting platform instead of the actual child SKU representing the product bought. However, we have now split these two components and you can send only the child SKUs to QuickBooks Online for ease of accounting.
  • Bug Fixes: There were a few bugs around blocked inventory quantities for reconciled orders, display issues for pending receipts and backorders, and inventory synchronization from Purchase Orders. We are happy to report that all of these aspects have been fixed and will function smoothly from now on.

What other features and updates would you like to see from us? Get in touch with us and let us know!

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