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Scale Your Franchise Business With A Powerful Retail ERP Software

To succeed in a competitive business scenario, an organization can choose a successful and powerful tool from a variety of business software providers. Now, this is the only business way to succeed in this competitive edge. Professional software proposes a model for the operation of businesses that automates the processes involved, derives insights, and improves productivity. But still, the more challenging thing is to build an integrated enterprise where different departments work together.

While running a business, you really need a combination of management software, tools, and applications. It includes websites, social media, CRM, inventory management, employee management, and other tools. But as an entrepreneur or startup, your focus should also be targeted on what you need the most right now. According to the current market, one must go for efficient ERP Software for Retail Shop to stay in business for the long term and to grow the business enterprise.

Some facts related to the Franchise Management Software market

  • The global Franchise Management Software market was million USD in 2019 and is expected to million USD by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of between 2020 and 2025.
  • The franchise business models employ more than 7.9 million variety of workers and are accountable for almost 760 billion US dollars in market revenue.
  • The franchise business accounts for nearly 10.5% of all business, with a direct sales rate of almost $1.3 trillion of total sales.

What are the possibilities of retail ERP software for a franchise business?

When you are running a franchise business, it is impossible to manage such a business venture without a franchise ERP solution. The concept behind enterprise resource planning (ERP) is to manage business processes in an automated way. The software allows the user to handle large business networks. When a franchise business integrates with a retail ERP software, it supports the franchise for the smooth analysis of large data.

In this case, the franchiser must understand what data they send/receive and what kind of business intelligence they want. The following blog post sheds light on the benefits of franchise management software. Also, it shows you the scale of a franchise business with powerful retail ERP software.

Retail ERP Software for Franchise Business

Let us understand the importance of ERP software in franchise business management with the example of the restaurant business.

Any business chain has been a startup point for enthusiasts. It gives people a chance to get associated with a well-known brand name and lays a strong foundation in the business. For example, the booming network of restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Pizza Hut have inspired many others to pursue their fortunes in the food sector. Thus, many startups have achieved a successful business by taking a restaurant franchise. This way, they gained global recognition. With this, business owners have familiar with the importance of retail ERP solutions in restaurant franchise management.

Developing ERP-based retail franchise management software is designed to optimize the business process. It ensures uninterrupted operation execution. It integrates well with inventory management, merchandising, customer management, point-of-sale, accounting; and gives you a way to handle data processing. In this way, it increases security, efficiency, and vulnerability.

At SWIL, we have considerable experience in creating data-driven franchise management software. Our software solution enables users to share all information in real-time and keep management up to date. Thus, it also helps organizations to take relevant decisions to grow the business.

RetailGraph franchise software: the best franchise management software for your retail business

Retail is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Indian market. Thus, every organization must grow its business with advanced software solutions. In the franchise business, retailers must understand and act on the rules and regulations of the parent company. The retailer should implement every necessary tool in growing their business. RetailGraph is a product of SWIL with a franchise business solution designed to meet the needs of franchise stores. The software helps bridge the gap between platforms and empowers business owners by collaborating through other platforms.

Before going into detail about RetailGraph software, let’s look at the top benefits of using a franchise management system.

  • ERP-based software helps the business person to increase sales.
  • ERP-based software optimizes supply chain management and inventory levels.
  • The software provides real-time tracking of active franchise outlets.
  • Software including integrated reporting and analytics, cash flow, profit, and loss.
  • It provides automation in the workflow.
  • The software maintains consistency in brand and marketing.
  • The software helps the franchisor to hire and develop its team according to the market.
  • This helps to expand the brand’s position in a well-managed way.
  • This provides the corporate viewpoint to the franchisor.
  • It provides a seamless analysis of big data and information.
  • It provides seamless communication with the customer.

Apart from the above benefits, what else does the RetailGraph give to the franchise business?

Reporting & Analysis

RetailGraph has the functionality to provide complete reports on retail sales, purchases. It generates various business reports to depict comprehensive insights on sales trends, peak sales hours, highest/lowest-grossing products, and customer retention rates.


RetailGraph franchise management software provides visibility and accuracy in profit and loss. It also provides GST invoicing and filing mechanisms which improves overall business performance.

Retail Inventory Management

RetailGraph has an efficient ERP system that can easily handle the most crucial aspect of the business ‘Inventory’. It has a tracking system that efficiently handles the stocks and gives businesses real-time monitoring of stocks. This way, it alerts the business to the stock scenario and saves the business from any sales loss.

Automation in workflow

RetailGraph automates the work-flow of business by streamlining business activities. With the right workflow in place, a franchiser can easily retrieve information about various activities taking place at different units of the store.

Demand forecasting

You can consider the RetailGraph as an ideal ERP software. It provides franchise store owners an ability to analyze the stock movements for future perspectives. It can analyze the fast-moving and slow-moving items and predict the demand trends in the near future.

Business Intelligence

RetailGraph software provides franchise business a complete retail sales analysis with GST compliance. This way, it gives business and intelligence to forecast their needs and protect the business from any loss.

Flexible Product hierarchy

RetailGraph provides robust management of the stocks. It saves every detail of the items and arranges it in a hierarchy with users’ choice of defines field. It reduces the chaos inside the system when sudden demand arises.

POS system

RetailGraph has a robust Point-of-sale software feature that enables franchise stores to track sales, cash flow, stocks, and orders. Additionally, it provides an intuitive interface for order processing and a web interface to collect sales data. Then, share it with the master franchise and a system for the master panel to track pending and completed orders Does.

Purchase and seller management

The RetailGraph has arrangements for managing the seller and related purchases. It fully manages the details of the wide range of products purchased from various vendors. It keeps track of every vendor and simplifies the associated operation. RetailGraph ERP software helps the franchise store track all information and provide real-time updates.

Bottom Line

RetailGraph is one of the best retail franchise POS systems that provide all business benefits to retail outlets. And customize the software according to the requirement. Our team is well proficient, uses agile methodologies and an advanced technology stack. World-wide it is considered feature-rich software that provides order processing, finance, accounting, and inventory management, and more in a single platform.

If you are looking for retail ERP software in India, you can contact us. We will provide you with efficient franchise and distribution management software that will smartly analyze your business needs and create effective ERP implementation strategies to streamline processes and drive profitable returns.

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