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8 Cliff Of Readymade Grocery App To Save Money

Do you have a grocery store? And planning to build an online grocery app, then this article is for you!

The grocery delivery is evolving rapidly in this digital era, if you see the outcomes of the economic slowdown and pandemic, you could understand that the grocery industry is experiencing tremendous growth each day. 

As per the report, a grocery business is the best business for investing in the current year.

Well, if you are planning to launch your e-commerce grocery business, consider a readymade grocery app as it’s one of the profitable options available in the marketplace. 

Walmart recently announced that they have gained 30 % more grocery sales and recorded the highest grocery app downloads this year.

No surprise that the online grocery business is a golden opportunity for online retailers to make profits and if you don’t have one, it’s the best time to create your online store.


Readymade grocery app

Everyone smartphone users were aware of the big giant grocery apps like BigBasket in the market.

As grocery delivery apps are majorly helpful in scheduling the grocery delivery of customer purchased products using their mobile apps. 

Moreover, a readymade grocery application is the best solution in the market, which is built-in using cloud-based solutions.

At Zuan Technologies recommend a readymade grocery app to our customers across the world. 


Asking how it saves money?

The readymade grocery app includes top-notch benefits and features that help to make profits for retailers.

However, we will be discussing everything related to the readymade grocery delivery solutions in this article.

With no further delay, let’s dive deep into the business insights of ready-made grocery applications.


How to Set an Online Grocery Using Readymade App?

The readymade eCommerce Grocery Delivery system generally consists of the following four applications.

  • Grocery User App: This app helps users to place their order and track them until it reaches. This application can work perfectly in both iOS and Android gadgets. 


  • Grocery Delivery Boy App: This application allows the delivery boy to manage their delivery items and track the customer’s location using features like a map.


  • Grocery Webapp: This application works in browsers of various devices. So it allows the user to access the store through the browser and also mobile apps seamlessly. Customers can either download and install the app or just shop using browsers. 


  • Admin Dashboard/CMS: The Grocery Admin Dashboard helps to manage User App data, Delivery Boy Data and payment, Webapp data and etc. It helps Admin to manage all store information in one place.


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Grocery Delivery App Features

A grocery delivery app must have best in class features for performing its functions better throughout the complete purchase process.

If you’re choosing either a readymade app or a customized app, most of the features of the application will be similar if not the customer needs an exclusive grocery app feature using customization. 

Here are the most important features that a grocery delivery app must have as follows:


Customer App

It’s the basic core of application designing processes for grocery delivery businesses.

This app helps customers to place an order of grocery items using its features.

These are the few essential features that customer apps include,

  • Social media signup
  • Browse grocery items
  • Browse categories
  • Real-time tracking
  • Secured online payment options 
  • Add a new address
  • Add items and Manage cart.
  • Review the grocery products 


Grocery Store Owner Application

The customer app, which helps to place an order, this grocery store owner app is helpful for retailers to accept the order.

If the customer orders groceries using your app and this app will send a notification with an estimated date of delivery and order accepted message. 

These are the few essential features that grocery owner applications include,

  • Availability 
  • Add offers
  • Add items
  • Add categories
  • Delivery dispatching
  • Assign driver 
  • Auto-driver assign
  • Order status 


Delivery Boy Application

The driver application is the most essential app for the order completion process successfully.

This driver app sends notifications to customers as well as grocery owners with order delivery status. 

These are the few essential features of the driver app that includes,

  • Delivery status
  • In-app navigation
  • Deliveryearnings
  • Order history
  • Delivery status 


Owner Dashboard

Most of the readymade grocery app firms offer an exclusive dashboard for the grocery app owner that helps to manage their business easily.

Separate access for the panel to manage the entire business with ease. 

At Zuan Technologies, we offer an e-commerce website with an admin dashboard for our clients. 

Here are some important features that every online grocery retailers must know as follows,

  • Managing admins
  • Managing customers
  • Managing drivers
  • Managing offers
  • Managing earnings
  • Managing payment options 
  • Reporting access 
  • Sale reports 


Why do You Need an Online Grocery Apps System?

In this fast-paced world, there is an increase in the number of mobile and internet users.

However, it’s important for businesses to have online channels to lead to better conversions.

Every business needs to have an online presence to match the requirements of businesses in the upcoming days. 

Consumers find it difficult to stand in a queue for billing and packing grocery items.

So, we could see many customers have shifted from brick and mortar to online grocery stores.

Also, the grocery apps are more convenient for users, which helps them to shop almost everything online at their fingertips using smartphones.

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Top 8 Cliff advantages of readymade Grocery Delivery App 

As we have discussed earlier, there are huge benefits to launching a grocery delivery business.

As customers have drastically shifted from traditional to digital space, it’s the only option that offers convenience for online shoppers. 

Readymade apps make shopping more fun and simple than ever via mobile applications.

The advancements of technologies have helped customers to save money and time using these online apps predominantly.


1. Efficient and Time-Saving


If you choose a readymade grocery app, then more likely you will save your time.

As it helps businesses to develop custom solutions for retailers. In readymade grocery apps, you no need to spend time for the entire development process.

As development companies will have all grocery app necessary features ready in hand.


2. Cost-Effective and Affordable


If you choose custom development, then you have to spend more money than readymade apps. Because custom development needs a development and testing team, or else you can hire a development company, which is more flexible but the cost will be higher when compared to the readymade app development. 


3. Fast Setup and Installation


Using a readymade online grocery app is easy and fast when compared to the custom development solutions available in the market.

This app has a step-by-step guide that helps businesses to set up and deploy their applications on a server or play store hassle-free.


4. Development and Maintenance is budget-friendly 

You don’t have to worry about maintenance and update cost If you are using a readymade grocery system.

But, ensure to partner with a trusted source of a development company, as they can help you with regular maintenance and updates that help your applications to stay in the latest trends.


5. Emerging Retail Segment

The online grocery delivery segment is one of the forever evolving businesses.

As it offers a fruitful future for the e-commerce retailers, and also the market growth predictions are convincing to take forward.

In simple terms, it’s worth all your time and money to invest in this ideal business startup.

The grocery delivery business doesn’t need huge investments and anyone can start a successful business with the help of a readymade grocery app in India.

However, by choosing an on-demand delivery application development company like Zuan Technologies, you will witness potential growth for sure. 


6. Convenient for grocery shoppers 

Only very few of the business can provide luxury and comfort to its customers or users.

The grocery delivery business is one such remarkable business. It offers a great user experience and helps customers to shop grocery products anytime and anywhere conveniently. 

Moreover, Grocery’s readymade app can save your money and time in creating a successful business.

Also, with your grocery delivery applications, you are providing endless resources to your customers.

As they could shop everything online and save their time in visiting traditional brick and mortar stores.

Hence, its ready-made grocery app helps to save your investment and cuts down the extra expenses to gain revenue. 


7. Safe for both Customers and Retailers 

Due to such pandemic situations, people felt it was hard to visit general stores in real-time.

Therefore, Grocery delivery apps like BigBasket and Grofers made huge profits than ever before. 

Most of the e-commerce businesses were facing economic breakdowns, but, the grocery delivery segment was still making huge profits unpredictably.

With no further delay, invest in the grocery business using our readymade app solutions in this pandemic, and gain more revenue by selling your products online.


8. Multi-Selling Store


The grocery applications cover multiple categories of grocery products and Grocery delivery apps are not just limited to only selling options.

The popular grocery delivery apps in India like BigBasket, sells groceries, fruits, vegetables, sanitary products, kitchenware, utility items, readymade foods, snacks, and chocolates, and more in their online application. 

Therefore, a grocery delivery business is ideal for startups to start selling multiple products on a single platform.

As it helps businesses to reach a wide number of customers who want to shop using grocery delivery apps. 


Challenges Associated with Online Grocery Business

An online grocery business has unique challenges due to the perishable grocery products and items that can’t be stored for a longer time. 

We will discuss the major two problems and their solutions using the readymade grocery app business model here,



  • Storage & Delivery Infrastructure

As regular online stores that deal with other retail businesses could afford problems like delays in delivery, and delivery returns, etc. 

Whereas with online grocery businesses, it’s difficult to handle the situation.

As the supply chain needs to be robust and time-efficient, which deals with manufacturers to the storehouse and reach customers. 

Perishable food products have to be stored in refrigerators, which needs additional operating costs for startup businesses.


These are the few solutions to combat these challenges. Some of the solutions are, 

  • Integrate a robust, and Just-in-time (JIT) inventory management system API to reduce storage cost and wastage in your grocery store.
  • Join a reliable delivery service provider to meet your customer needs.
  • Segment your delivery network into hyper-local networks to provide fast delivery.



  • Low-Profit Margins and Quality Assurance

As customers have shifted to online retailers because of convenience and better prices, online retailers face challenges in offering competitive product pricing.

As businesses deal with a huge inventory for maintaining the storage infrastructure and supply chain, it becomes difficult to make profits.

However, still customers buy vegetables and fruits from physical stores only to check the quality and freshness of products.

So, it’s challenging for online retailers to gain more customers for their business.


These are the few solutions to combat these challenges. Some of the solutions are, 

  • You can add more non-perishable categories in your online store, like packaged foods, personal care products, household items, and more to save money on storage & delivery cost.
  • You can merge your physical and online grocery store to offer a better customer experience. Below are a few important things, you need to know about your customer: 
  • Customers will check products online for availability and buy them at the store only after confirming the quality.
  • Customers also order products online and pick from the store (to save the delivery cost).
  • Customers visit stores and order products online to get groceries delivered to their home conveniently.
  • You can use technologies like iBeacon to reduce operation costs. 

Moreover, if you don’t have a physical store and still want to sell in online grocery marketplaces, make use of offline chains to make profits from the blended online-offline grocery shopping concept.


How Grocery Delivery App development is affordable at Zuan? 

The cost of grocery app development varies according to its features and functionalities.

However, customized or readymade grocery application development can also vary depending upon your location, the app development company, and the app developer. 

The development cost for grocery delivery applications is nearly $12000 across the globe. Fortunately, by choosing Zuan Technologies readymade grocery delivery app in India, you get quality products at a very reasonable price in the market. 

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Readymade Grocery App by Zuan 

I hope, now you have clear insights on the readymade grocery delivery application and its business benefits.

Therefore, readymade grocery delivery applications using readymade cloud solution applications are the best option that e-commerce retailers can choose by paying an affordable price.

Also, we provide free demo applications for our clients to know the application and its features in detail. Feel free to contact us to know your best deals and exclusive offers.


Top Grocery Delivery App Competitors in India



  • Bigbasket

Abhinay Choudhari, Hari Menon, Vipul Parekh, and VS Sudhakar founded BigBasket in 2011. It’s one of the popular online grocery markets in India operating in Bangalore, and Mumbai.

It offers various products and categories for customers to order products online. They also deliver products at customer’s doorstep if they place any orders in their online grocery store.



  • Grofers

Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa founded Grofers in 2013. It’s more like a delivery service that connects multiple local merchants with their customers in the neighborhood.

Also, it provides a wide range of groceries, fresh fruits, and vegetables. It was started in Delhi, and now operating in 17 popular cities across India.

It provides a hyper-local inventory that offers smooth transactions between local merchandise and customers.

This app offers two ways of payments in its app, if the customer chooses cash on delivery then he/she can pay to the delivery executive after getting the products.

But they don’t offer discounts and offers for customers using this mechanism of payment.



  • The Prime Pantry

Jeff Bezos founded this app in 2014, which offers tons of grocery commodities. Consumers can easily compare product prices from their favorite stores.

Also, Amazon Prime members get extra offers for buying groceries and household products using this app.


Bottom Line 

The readymade grocery apps have huge benefits as we discussed if you planning to start your online grocery business.

Make sure to keep these points in mind to start a successful online grocery business with a readymade grocery app.

We at Zuan Technologies recommend using a readymade grocery delivery application solution as it helps businesses to save both cost and time of development process.

Our on-demand application solutions are budget-friendly with high-quality services,  trusted and recommended by many of our clients.

If you’re a startup or an established business, our readymade solution is one of the best ways to go digital this year. 

Happy reading! 

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