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Top 9 Tricks in Online Wholesale App To Get Super Sale

Imagine you could focus more on product design and latest innovations, to beautify your brand, or streamline operations, instead of worrying about finding new customers. 

Are you planning about expanding your business by getting into online wholesale? Wholesale is the distribution of products in bulk quantities for lower prices. The actual idea that wholesale brings in someone’s mind is larger quantities. 

If you are a small business owner, still you can venture into wholesale businesses and make huge profits. By expanding your businesses into online wholesale, you can still stock on to your target audience and broaden your sales in a new audience.

You can start selling B2C and take advantage of B2B. We have some tips and tricks that will help you to make the most out of the online wholesale business app.


Why wholesale is Best for Retailers?

You may think that wholesale is not profitable because of selling products at discounts and offers. The truth is, selling wholesale products to wholesale customers can give additional profits for you. To know the benefits of online wholesale app businesses, keep reading.

  • Boosting your brand awareness
  • New customers acquisition 
  • Entering new markets
  • Regular extra income
  • Easy promotion with no effort


Selling wholesale is the best business model

The rise of ecommerce encourages brands to launch products direct-to-consumer and grow digitally. As a result, old wholesale strategies are fading out in this retail trend. However, a new wave of wholesale businesses is streaming its impact in this era.

Both B2B and B2C brands want to save on marketing spend, and shift to wholesale businesses. With the right pricing strategy and the proper setup, you can start opening your business online. Keep reading this blog to increase revenue-generating partnerships and see your brand flourish among other businesses.

To help you get started, here’s our list of 9 tips for online wholesale business to skyrocket sales.

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1. Make It Easy for Customers to Buy from App

Make It Easy for Customers to Buy from App

If you need to shift your wholesale business through online sales, you’ll want to start by creating your mobile app. Which makes it easy for customers to view your products, decide what to buy, and place an order with you successfully.

Here are a few things, you need to keep in mind:

  • Provide a secure checkout operation by integrating your mobile app with a top online payment that has standard encryption.
  • Accept multiple payment methods such as, credit cards, Paypal, Gpay, Paytm, etc. which allow customers to use their preferred option.
  • Collect their information to process and fulfill the order including, name, email, and customer’s address. But ensure to collect fewer details which makes the process easy and drives more sales.
  • If you own an e-commerce website, turn it mobile responsive to help customers to buy from anywhere easily.
  • Get these tricks right, it will ensure your customer’s trust and buy from your business confidently.


2. Compare Your Pricing to Your Competitors

Compare Your Pricing to Your Competitors

The best online wholesale marketing strategy is to “spy” on your competitors and their pricing. Most of the wholesale businesses offer pricing at 40-60% of MRP, ensuring to research your market and competitors exact pricing format to stay much more competitive.

Every wholesaler chooses to create different prices based on the quantities ordered; for example, you can sell large quantities of sweatshirts like this:

100 units at $10/each 500 units at $8/each 1000 units at $6/each

You can try various complicated calculations to find what exactly makes you more profitable. If you’re a new startup business, observe your competition, and test out their strategies for yourself, to succeed quickly.


3. Partner with Multiple B2B Ecommerce Marketplaces

Partner with Multiple B2B Ecommerce Marketplaces

A huge part in maximizing your online wholesale is, utilizing every sales channel will boost your company app. 

Online B2B marketplaces will help you to set up your shop on platforms with existing customers and traffic. This helps new wholesale businesses to expand globally in a short time.

Consider both specialty markets like Flipkart, which targets buyers and sellers, as well as Wholesale businesses.


4. List Dropshipping to Your Customers

List Dropshipping to Your Customers

Dropshipping is the best supply chain management method, which allows retailers to transfer in-stock goods to customer orders. All the shipment details will be provided to the wholesaler, at the point of shipping the goods directly to the customer.

It can be a challenging process if you are running a wholesale-only business, but it’s an ideal strategy for finding new customers via existing channels to ensure growth opportunities. 

If you’re interested in implementing such a business model, contact our support team to help you get started quickly.

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5. Entice Minimum Orders

A key to profiting your wholesale business is to require minimum order sizes in order to upscale your sales. With minimum order sizes, you could generate cash overflow easier and leverage large volumes, even by providing large discounts when compared to retail businesses.

If you’re a new wholesaler and trying to generate more revenue, consider providing small “sample” orders to customers on a one-time basis. 

This will ultimately make your products reach more customers without sacrificing the quality and still generating the required cash overflow.

You can provide even a sample order, all you need is to provide excellent fulfillment and customer service to build the customer relationship for repeat orders. For this, you must enforce minimum orders to every customer.


6. Publish Extraordinary Photos of Your Products

Publish Extraordinary Photos of Your Products

If you’re selling products online, it’s essential to provide images to help your potential customers understand product specifications without relying on in-store experiences.

You could offer sample orders to get your customer’s interests. This is possible with the right kind of content only.

The most important pieces of product information to include is, high-quality, and comprehensive photos for your products.

To maximize your chances of increasing sales, invest in professional photographs with attractive backgrounds to showcase your products from every angle. 

You can add close-up pictures, display your product as a comparison to another item to know its dimensions, and collaborate with models, to showcase your products better. 

You can even follow all these steps to deliver the necessary information to potential customers before they buy.

Beyond everything else, great images of your products will help your customers to visualize and understand the product easily.

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7. Provide Offers and Build Credibility

To build customer trust is essential for all B2B businesses and even if you are in the early stages of growth.

Social identity is one of the most powerful ways to build trust within your potential customers quickly.

Exclusive offers are a great way to build credibility for your products and services. Make use of discounts or promos on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay, seasonal offers, discounts and strategies to promote in call to action.

The easiest way to manage offers is by sending a well-curated email to your customers. Allow your customers to sell products for a period at free of cost. 

You can send them attractive taglines via push notifications or email about exclusive deals and offers to make them take action instantly. 

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8. Add Exciting Product Descriptions

The product images will attract buyers, and product descriptions will interest them to buy. If you want to convince customers to buy products, create descriptions that illustrate the benefits of your products.

Your product descriptions will help you to make more sales and stand ahead of competitors. It will communicate your brand messages in an interesting way to customers. Try to focus on providing solutions for customers through your descriptions.

You need to demonstrate featured and relevant technical specifications like weight, height, color patterns of your products. Ensure to provide answers for all your customer’s queries, to maximize sales and reach more customers.


9. Increase Your Retention Rate 

Take the extra mile to solve customer problems and convince them to do business with you again by providing essential customer service for customers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to deliver the best kind of services that increases your retention rates as follows,

  • Allow customers to reach you directly via email
  • Create an FAQ to answer common queries and doubts of your customers
  • Reply to inquiries within a short time 
  • Respond to complaints as quickly as possible 
  • Offer incentive programs like special pricing for repeat customers
  • Build long-term partnerships with every retailer you deal with, to beat the existing competition.


Top Wholesale Online Shopping Apps

Top Wholesale Online Shopping Apps

To reach the latest trends and reach more customers, many retailers start to develop online shopping wholesale apps.

Have a look at these top wholesale shopping apps and know their features to create one for you. 


1. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the biggest wholesale online shopping sites. The founder is considered as one of the most popular businessmen across the globe. They revolutionized the B2B marketplace. They are the best choice to sell rare items, which makes you a unique choice among many of the competitors in your niche.

Key Features of the App:

  • Trade Assurances
  • Logistics Services
  • Supplier Membership


2. IndiaMart

It is the Delhi based online wholesale market, where wholesalers and retailers upload their products to sell online. This gives the customer’s a wide range of products to choose from. The products are available from jewelry to raw materials to craft businesses successfully.

Anyone can join this app free of cost if you are not sure about their process. The service team from IndiaMart will set businesses up with the suppliers to become successful.

Key Features of the App:

  • Connects you to verified sellers according to your requirements
  • IndiaMART Payment Protection
  • Sell on the wholesale shopping app for free
  • Product scanning

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3. TradeIndia

TradeIndia is one of the better wholesale shopping apps available in India. They have wide varieties of products which are great in quality and quantity to help customers. 

The app is very easy to order the products you want. All you need to do is, contact the seller and the supplier to deliver all the information you need.

Key Features of the App:

  • Allows you to advertise with them
  • Compliance Management
  • Alerts you for any business opportunities


4. MilMila

It is one of the best online wholesale shopping sites in India. It operates majorly in Bangalore, they offer solutions for the problem of sourcing from different suppliers by managing the B2B and the B2C.

Key Features of the App:

  • Direct sourcing/buying
  • On-Demand Sourcing/Buying
  • Defect Control
  • Global Sourcing Support


5.  MaxWholesale (FMCG Wholesale)

Shifting from the common wholesale opportunities like fashion and other items, MaxWholesale is the wholesale shopping app that helps general trade sellers to make the most out of e-commerce businesses.

Key Features of the App:

  • Targeted Audience
  • Access to 10,000+ products
  • Manage membership


6. Wholesalebazar

Wholesalebazar is one of the best places to get bulk quantities of clothing and accessories online. High-quality Indian apparel will be on sale in their app at very affordable prices. They can even ship products to customers within 3-4 days of estimation.

Key Features of the App:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Diner’s Club

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Benefits of Mobile App for wholesalers

Our app is exclusively designed for wholesalers’ customers, the app targets retail and foodservice customers. Which offers great control over their orders.

The digital innovation from Zuan technologies, the mobile ordering app, will create a great impact on your growth and help to take an edge over the competition.


  • Supports All types of Mobile Devices 

You can create applications for iOS and Android seamlessly. The wholesale app is very easy-to-use and offers 24/7 ordering support for your customers. Users can place their order hassle-free with our web ordering system.


  • Targets the Loyal customers Promptly 

All the features are really time-saving for businesses including, barcode scanning for convenience and user favorites to streamline fast repeat orders.


  • Create a positive impact on your selling point

A 24/7 system informs your customers about promotions, offers, and special services available using push notification for boosting your business.

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  • Provide Great flexibility For customers with our mobile app

For wholesalers’ and customers, providing instant account management and easy ordering are the benefits of our mobile app. 

Using our wholesale mobile app, your customers will benefit from:

  • Fast product search & order with filter options
  • Barcode scanning for convenience
  • Easy ordering with user-managed favorites
  • Direct access to information like product images, and ingredient.
  • Visibility of promotions and services
  • Real-time online tracking
  • Account management features for tracking order, payment history, and more


Frequently asked questions on wholesale businesses


What should I sell online in wholesale?

  • Fashion clothing 
  • Grocery 
  • Travel accessories
  • Smartwatches
  • Skincare products
  • Health and wellness products
  • Lamps and lighting
  • Hobbies and craft products/ kits


Can I sell wholesale using the mobile app?

Yes, you can use Mobile apps to sell your products to other businesses. You can set up specific products that you want to sell on a wholesale basis. To learn more, contact our support team.


What is the best wholesale business to start?

Some of the best wholesale products to sell in India include jewelry, organic food, grocery items, stationery, children’s toys, textile, health and wellness products, and furniture.


The Bottom Line

The wholesaling can be a profitable business, if you pair up with an effective wholesale strategy. As you can figure out, there are a lot of online wholesale shopping apps available in the marketplace, pick the best mobile app development company in chennai. 

 Zuan Technologies has proven itself to be useful and has helped hundreds of businesses to become successful. It is all about our business strategy and utilizing this wonderful opportunity to grow your business.

Best wishes for crafting your wholesale strategy!


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