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7 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd in E-Commerce

It’s no secret that online shopping is sometimes oversaturated with the same old thing. Many stores fail to stand out from the crowd for various reasons. This also means that it’s easy for others to take advantage and get one step ahead. You can do the same. Here are seven ways to stand out from the crowd in e-commerce.

Consider the design of your store

One of, if not the most effective way to draw customers in and keep them browsing is through the design of your online store. If it looks clunky, complicated or messy, people will likely look somewhere else. Your design conveys a certain message – that is, if you as a company are trustworthy, progressive and easy to work with.

Many popular websites and online stores today have adopted a clean, flat and minimalist design, so try to adapt your style similarly. Although you want to stand out from the crowd, you don’t want it to be for the wrong reasons. So long as you’ve got a pleasing design, you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors and up there with the big guys.

Ensure your server can handle the customers

Although choosing the right hosting platform for you is of utmost importance, it’s also vital to ensure you’re getting enough server space to handle your potential outreach. If you’re not looking to grow your online store into a big, booming business, it’ll be better to opt for a shared server. They’re more than capable of handling modest crowds, and won’t cost anywhere near as much like a dedicated server.

However, if you’re wanting to expand your online store into something much bigger, with huge plans for the future, it may be worth investing in a dedicated server from the jump. This way, you’ll be eliminating any potential for your site crashing or acting slow, both reasons for customers to click away and look somewhere else. Research which web hosting provider will suit your needs and desires most to ensure your store runs as smoothly as possible

Employ “niche marketing”

There’s a big difference between niche marketing and a niche market – make sure you’re dabbling in the right one. Whereas the latter will significantly reduce your potential and fail to draw in many customers, niche marketing will have the complete opposite impact on your online store.

With niche marketing, it’s all about finding your lane within a market that is perhaps oversaturated with the same old. You can easily stand out by offering something different from your competitors, which customers will embrace. Word of mouth will then keep your audience growing until your miles ahead of the others.

Use deals and discounts to draw customers in

Another clever method of keeping those sales coming in is by offering discounts and deals. Whether it’s something as long-term as a loyalty scheme or an introductory offer of 20% off, there are countless ways to get new customers coming in and old customers coming back through the use of discounts.

And why not offer free delivery? It may not be a constant offer – perhaps only introduce it if the customer is purchasing three or more items, or if their total cost is more than a certain amount – but it’s a way to make people choose you over your more expensive rivals.

Have a variety of payment methods

Ecommerce payment methods

Ecommerce payment methods

When it comes to paying, ensure the customer has a variety of methods to choose from. Although a simple credit and debit card function will likely suffice, it’s all about keeping up with the times and changes in technology to really make the process easier.

Consider offering services such as Paypal and Apple Pay – the frequent use of these services means that being able to offer them at the checkout stage will make your store feel more established as well as easier to use, effectively keeping customers coming back.

Offer sufficient customer service

If your customers have an issue or a query, it’s necessary you offer a direct line of communication so any problem can be rectified with ease. Customer service is undeniably the most important factor in determining the success and popularity of any business, so if you’re successful in this field you can guarantee success overall.

Usually, emails are the way to go in communicating between businesses and customers, but it may also be worth considering a phone line for direct contact. After all, telephone communication is the most effective in conveying emotion and establishing trust, as echoed by Entrepreneur.

Go mobile

Mobile ecommerce

Mobile ecommerce

It’s 2017, and mobile usage is more popular than ever – so popular, in fact, that last year mobile web browsing overtook desktop browsing for the very first time. So, it’s important you consider your mobile site as much as the desktop version.

It’s likely that half of your customers will be accessing your site from their phones, so by creating a mobile site that stands out just as much as your desktop site does, you’ll be hitting every market and, once again, standing out from the crowd.

Do you have your own secret tips and tricks to share in making your online store stand out from the rest? Share them in the comments below.


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Mau Sanford is an entrepreneur and e-commerce expert, working tirelessly behind the scenes with various clients to help them realize their full potential in setting up online stores across the world.

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